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Is Invisalign As Painful As Traditional Braces?

Having teeth that are misaligned can pull down a person’s self-esteem. To correct this dental concern, Orthodontists traditionally use a metal brace. Yes, that bracket-and-wire gear that patients need to endure for several months (or years) to bring their teeth to their natural positions. They are generally uncomfortable to wear especially during the first few weeks (and during every after adjustment) — plus they are also not that appealing, visually speaking.

Thanks to modern technology, alternatives like Invisalign have surfaced, giving patients an option to correct their teeth alignment with a less painful method. However, there’s still this fear among patients that getting Invisalign treatment can still hurt. But, does it really cause pain? This article aims to answer just that.

Can Invisalign Really Cause Pain?

The straightforward answer is, yes. Whether orthodontists use metal braces or Invisalign, one thing is inevitable: You will definitely feel a certain degree of pain. This is commonly caused by the following reasons:

Your teeth are being shifted to their natural positions

Your mouth adjusts to the presence of a foreign object

Your aligners press against your teeth

The good news is this — the pain that you will encounter when you opt for Invisalign treatment won’t be as extensive compared to when you decide to wear metal braces. This is mainly because the edge of aligners is not sharp.

In a study conducted by Texas A&M University, Invisalign has helped patients experience less pain. Revealed through their pain diaries, patients with this teeth-correcting device said they did not feel that much pain during the early stages of their treatment. There’s also a lesser number of patients who said they took pain medications to help ease the pain they’re feeling while wearing Invisalign, as opposed to the number of patients with mental braces who took such medications.

Managing Pain While Wearing Invisalign

Given that you will still feel a certain level of pain while wearing Invisalign, how do you manage it?

Orthodontists claim that riding it out for the first few days after it was worn is the best way to handle it. You need to help your mouth adjust to the aligners because once it’s adjusted, your jaw and teeth will no longer feel that much discomfort.

If the pain and discomfort linger, patients turn to pain killers to help alleviate whatever it is that they’re feeling. If you are to do this resolution, make sure to know what dosage to take. It’s best to consult your dentist first. He or she might even be able to recommend other formulations that can work better than pain killers.

You can also add a little bit of pressure to help relieve the tension your teeth are encountering. You can do so by chewing on something. Dentists also recommend drinking cold or hot beverages to soothe teeth aches. Just be careful not to take too much as they can worsen the sensitivity you feel.

If the pain is caused by your aligners having rough edges, there are clinics and institutions that can smooth them out for you.Orthodontists can help bring back your perfect smile and our team at Stang Family Orthodontics can provide you and your family with top quality care. Contact us today!