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The goal of hair transplant surgery is to achieve head full of hairs which looks natural and undetectable. Every hair loss sufferer desires of seeing hairs on their bald heads permanently which could only be true with hair transplant. Decades ago when the hair transplant was a primitive technique we could achieve plugged hairs which were unacceptable. But now as hair transplant has enhanced due to recent innovations the results are amazing in terms of permanency and natural look. Achieving maximum hair density is not a dream anymore and could be ensured if performed by expert hands.

‘High-density’ hair restoration surgery is on high demand nowadays as everyone desires to have complete coverage. Though it is on high demand but is not possible in every patient. High density hair transplant could be delivered when there is adequate availability of hair follicles in the donor area. In addition, skills of the hair transplant surgeon are crucial to achieve higher density.

Hair transplant cosmetic surgery has been misjudged as a procedure which could deliver complete coverage as was before hair loss. But like every medical procedure, it also has limitations. Hair transplant surgery can successfully transplant approximately 30 % of the lost hair follicles. Newly transplanted hair follicles require individual blood supply for nutrition due to which it is difficult to achieve 100% follicular restoration. In most of the cases, 30- 40 follicular grafts are planted per square centimetre in hair transplant surgery. To achieve the expected hair density approximately 2000-2500 grafts are required to cover the bald area.  When “maximum hair density” hair transplant has to be performed the number of follicular grafts per square centimetre becomes almost double. Therefore, in these patients approximately 60-75 follicular grafts are implanted and clustered grafts of 2-4 follicular grafts are preferred.

There are certain modalities which should be considered to achieve “maximum hair density” explained as follows:

  1. Pick the surgeon offering less damage rate: If the damage of the hair follicles is high it leads to wastage of valuable hair follicles. The wastage of hair follicles leads to achievement of hair transplant with lesser density. When the damage rate is reduced, indirectly could deliver higher hair density which is only possible when performed by expert hands. Including, the handling of the grafts should be appropriate while transferring them to either graft separation room or during implantation of the follicles to reduce the graft damage. Each step of hair transplant should be performed under high magnification which magnifies the tiny grafts 20-200 times to ensure the survival of the hair grafts.
  2. Preferring Combination technique for best hair density: when the hair loss case is grade VI or VII, either technique alone is insufficient in providing adequate number of grafts. Thus, in maximum density requirement in single session combination technique of FUT and FUE is performed. FUT technique can successfully performed for achieving 3000-3500 grafts and FUE technique can achieve approximately 2000-2500 grafts. Combination technique can successfully achieve more than 4000 follicular grafts in single session. Combination technique has added advantage of preserving the follicular grafts for future sittings in advanced bald cases and progressive hair loss.

Dr Suneet Soni is specialized to perform combination technique of FUT and FUE as he is the one who has developed bio stimulated combination technique in Delhi and Jaipur.

  1. Pick the clinic with good facilities and infrastructure: When the hair transplant is performed using latest technology innovative instruments, it would surely enhance the skills of the surgeon. Therefore, to ensure maximum hair density every step of hair transplant should be performed carefully.

 Medispa hair transplant clinic has always maintained world class operatory with best and latest technology instruments and German based world class microscopes for improved efficiency.

  1. Chose the best surgeon for enhanced hair density: Under qualified surgeon beforehand quotes higher number of grafts so that they can hide their flaw and could provide acceptable results even after damaging ample hair follicles. But this way patient are at loss as their valuable hair follicles which could provide future hair loss solution are getting damaged. In the desire of harvesting more number of grafts these surgeons sometimes perform overharvesting and violate the safe zone ultimately leading to density depletion at the donor area in addition to inadequate coverage at recipient area. Therefore, qualified, experienced and expert surgeon is an essential requirement to ensure least damage rate of the follicular grafts and maximum density hair transplant.

Medispa clinics for hair transplant in Delhi and Jaipur is one of the most recognized clinics for delivering high density hair transplant with assured natural look.  We utilize the best standards of equipments of latest technology to achieve the best possible hair transplant outcome and are enlisted as best hair transplant clinic in India. Dr Suneet soni, the founder of Medispa clinics is highly qualified and expert surgeon whose excellence have made him deliver satisfactory aesthetic outcome with least damage rate of <1%.  He has performed more than 5000 hair transplant surgeries in 13 years of his experience.

If you are looking for the best hair transplant surgery with high hair density and natural look, Medispa hair transplant clinic is one stop solution for your hair loss.

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