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Coffee -– Ggood or bad?

The health effects ofWhether coffee is good or bad for you is are a popular debate. While there are some benefits to drinking coffee, becoming dependent on it can be detrimental.  AYes, a daily coffee can wake you up, boost your metabolic rate and decrease the risk of some diseases, [...]

8 Cannabis Health Benefits

Cannabis, what comes to your mind when you hear of it? Has it ever crossed your mind that cannabis has incredible benefits? Well, marijuana has effective chemical mechanisms that positively influence the brain. Here is everything you need to know concerning cannabis health benefits to your body. 1. Chronic pain [...]

Myths about CBD oil

Marijuana is a plant that comes from the cannabis plant. Marijuana has been used for recreational purposes because of the psychoactive effect of the plant. Marijuana is a plant that is dried and smoked in paper like a cigarette or tobacco. Marijuana also comes in the form of edibles, such [...]