Women’s Health Checks: what you need to get on top of!

According to the home doctor experts at House Call Doctor, women are recommended to have a general check-up with a GP at least once a year. These annualappointments ensure you are in tip-top shape and can help detect early symptoms of disease or illness.

Here is a quick guide for keeping on top of your health:

  • Cervical Cancer Tests.
    These are quick tests which look for changes in cells in the cervix which may lead to cervical cancer. It is recommended that you have this done every five years until you are 74. Additionally, it is recommended to get the HPV immunisation.
  • STI screening.
    If you are sexually active and under 30 years old, this is important to check you don’t have chlamydia which can affect fertility.
  • Breast cancer.
    It is recommended for women aged 50 – 74 to have a mammogram every two years to check for breast cancer.
  • Bowel cancer.
    Women over 50should be checked every two years for bowel cancer as it is extremely common. If it is detected early, it has a good recovery rate.
  • Skin cancer.
    Look out for any new freckles or moles on your body and if you are suspicious, head straight to your GP. At least 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before they are 70 years old.
  • Blood pressure.
    After the age of 18 you should have your blood pressure checked every two years. High blood pressure indicates an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.
  • Eye checks.
    As you get older, your sight tends to deteriorate. It is recommended to visit an optometrist annually, to ensure your eyes are functioning their best.
  • Dental health.
    Check-ups with your dentist should be at least once a year as poor dental health can not only affect your teeth and gums but can lead to infections in other parts of the body.