Why Semen Analysis Is Important Before IVF?


If you are planning to get IVF-In-Vitro Fertilization to make your female partner conceive then you may need to do semen analysis in Arizona. Today problems in conceiving is not upto only the females and their reproductive system. Even men are the cause of infertility in many cases thus they need to get checked the count and quality of sperms in their semen sample. The custom of testing the quality of male semen is very essential as this helps to know the cause of infertility in couples if the female partner is sexually healthy and fertile. If a couple has taken unprotected sexual activity for more than one year and is still not conceiving then it is essential to check the semen sample of the male partner before getting IVF fertility treatment Arizona.

What is the need of doing semen testing?

Getting your semen tested is a wise step when you see that your female partner is fertile and yet both of you are childless. When you go to an infertility treatment center then the doctor would ask you to deposit your semen sample to get tested. When a doctor checks your semen sample then he measures the count and quality of the sperms in your semen. He also measures the fertile power, density and motility of sperms in your semen. It has been seen that in most cases women produce sufficient ova or eggs but their male partner do not have got quality, dense and motile sperms. 

How would doctors check your semen?

If you see that you are infertile due to less quantity of sperms then you can take curative steps as soon as possible. Even this will help you to treat infertility disorders due to lack of sufficient sperms in your semen. When you deposit your semen sample at an infertility treatment center then it is tested in many stages. Take for example your semen may have to pass through liquefaction test. In this test it is checked within how much time your sperms may get converted into motile liquid after ejaculation. Doctors may also check the sperm volume in your semen to know the amount of sperms that may come out during an ejaculation. 

Some other tests to do analysis of your semen

Some other tests are also important while you get the analysis of your semen. Take for example you may have to go for sperm count test. In this process you will know how much count of healthy and fertile sperms are present in your semen sample. It is also essential to know the motility power of your sperms in your semen. This is done to know about how much fast your semen can unite with the female eggs or ova to give rise to a pregnancy. As far as grade of sperm motility is concerned then it has many grades. Take for example A grade is the highest grade and it declares that the sperms are healthy and can reach swiftly to combine with the egg. On the other hand grade-d denotes that the sperms in your sample are dead or weak so that are not motile to combine with female ova. 

Why need to do pH test?

While you deposit your semen sample then the doctor might even check the count of white blood cells in it. These cells promote the increment of sperms in your semen. Another essential thing is to measure the quantity of fructose. This is a kind of natural sugar that gives energy to your sperms and makes them motile to reach the female eggs and unite with them to form a zygote. The level of acidity in your semen sample may also be checked to know how much acid your semen contains. If you take plenty of water then it reduces the level of acidity in your pH test.

What do sperms indicate about your semen?

When we talk of doing the analysis of your semen then again you will know that it is done to check the count and quality of sperms in it. If your semen sample has less than 20 million sperms in your sample then this indicates low quantity of sperms in your semen. If you have even 10 million sperms in your semen sample then this means that your semen is not too fertile to impregnate your partner. Some men have semen without sperms such males are considered to be infertile. 

Why measure the motility of semen and sperms?

During the analysis of semen sample the motility of sperms is also measured. If you have good quality of sperms then they will be more motile to reach the ova and combine with it and give rise to a pregnancy to your female partner. You will get different grades for your sperm quality according to their motile power. Take for example if you have powerful sperms that can move swiftly to reach female eggs then such sperms are of A grade quality. On the other hand if your sperms are dead or weak to reach the female eggs swiftly then they are of D grade quality. 

What do abnormal shaped sperms in the semen indicate?

When you get the semen analysis in Arizona then you will also know what kind of shape your sperms have. This is known as sperm morphology. Most sperms have an oval shaped head with a mid piece body and a long tail. If you know that your sperms in the semen are of abnormal shape then also this could give rise problems related to your fertility power. If your semen sample shows presence of sperms with abnormal shapes like without head and tail then this means that your semen is not health for procreation with your female partner. IVF fertility treatment Arizona is a place where you can know why you are not fertile. 

The final summary

This article informs all readers about why semen analysis is essential before you go to take IVF treatment. If you find that your female partner is OK from procreation point of view then doing semen analysis can help you to know your fertility power.