Ways to Prevent Relapse When Taking Prescription Medicines

Relapse is commonly caused by prescription medication. Recovery might turn out well until times like surgery, accident, or illness that require medications happen. Even small exposure to the drug is enough to trigger cravings. Even the strongest recovery is at risk. If the need for medication is necessary, note that there are ways that can help you minimize risks of relapse.

Talk to Your Doctor Regarding the History of your Addiction

Medications can be safe for most individuals but can be risky to those with history of addiction. Despite being sober for around 20 years, talk to your doctor and tell him that addiction is a big concern.

Ask Regarding Some Alternative Treatments and Medications

This does not mean acupuncture, perhaps just a different drug. It may turn out worthwhile using less-effective drugs if it minimizes your risks and also, never discount the non-medical treatments. Changes in the diet, therapy and exercise have been known to be very effective in treating numerous conditions like ADHD, depression, chronic pain and anxiety to name a few.

There are also pieces of evidence pointing out that therapeutic massage and acupuncture help in managing chronic pain. You might just want to give these interventions a try before starting highly effective drug medication.

Ask Somebody Else to Regulate and Take Control of Your Dosage

If in case you ended up potentially addictive drugs, allow somebody to administer it. This person will be the one to keep the medications and will only provide you with the prescribed ones. This does not really get rid of the danger but moderates the intake at the lead and also holds you more responsible and accountable.

Tell the People in Your Sober Network that You’re Taking Prescription Medications

One more layer of accountability is to tell your family, friends, or your network or group that you’re taking certain medications. In such way, they’ll know in case they observe changes in your mood and behavior, and you will be confident knowing that they’re watching. It’s easier to seek help since you are open to them from the very start. It’s better to have more transparency.

Some individuals view any medication as relapse. The plain fact states that some specific conditions need medications. If you cannot control your depression, schizophrenia or ADHD, you’ll likely to relapse. Making the best decision is what you can do, and this is best when assisted by your therapist and doctor.

Also, take time to learn about different rehab stories because here, you can also learn real life situations concerning relapse or too much intake of medications than what is required.

If suffering from drug addiction, sufferers can seek help from a respected and fully equipped rehab centers. There are also alcohol rehab centers that cater to those individuals struggling from alcohol addiction. Some psychiatrists can also help individuals in dealing with other types of addiction, ADD, depression, mental illness disorders, compulsive relationships, and gambling and anxiety. Do not be ashamed to seek help.