Types of Martial arts: advantages and disadvantages of Oxandrolone in this sports

Tell readers about the main varieties of martial arts. In this section, you will learn about the differences and features of combat disciplines. Readers who want to start martial arts, or teach their children the martial art, will be able to make a more balanced choice.

Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of martial arts in general, and the various areas of martial arts in particular. You will learn about the health risks that are present when practicing each type of martial arts, and compare them with the benefits. Everyone who doubts the appropriateness of training will close this question for himself after reading this section.

To highlight the training methods with which athletes improve their skills. Talk about where you can start martial arts, and how to choose a competent trainer.

Illuminate martial arts training programs for working at home. You will learn about the equipment that is necessary for progress in martial arts, as well as equipment that can be dispensed with as part of amateur training.

Demonstrate the fights of famous athletes who can become your idols in sport and life. Multiple views of the battles allow you to “drive into the unconscious” tactics of fighting any athlete. Example: frequent views of Fyodor Emelianenko’s battles allow a beginner to approximately copy the battle style of the legend of fights without rules. Battle views are especially useful for beginners who practice without a coach.

Talk about the worldview of a fighter, about the changes in character that occur in everyone who has started to engage in martial arts.

To highlight many fundamental and particular issues that even many martial arts old-timers do not know about.

We will deal with most of the issues right now. Look for a more detailed analysis of martial arts on the pages of our site, which are listed on the links above.

Types of Martial Arts

The most popular are these types of martial arts:

Boxing. A type of martial arts in which only punches are permitted. The fight lasts 12 rounds, the result is determined by the number of points scored, which correspond to the number of strikes. An exception is a knockout – a situation in which an athlete after a blow cannot be raised to the score “10”, which is made by the judge of the match. Classic boxing is the most popular and most “profitable” type of martial arts among amateurs and professionals. A good, but not the best option for self-defense.

  • Muay Thai or Thai boxing. A variation of boxing hails from Thailand. In the framework of this martial art, all possible punches are used: arms, legs, elbows, knees, legs and head. A less popular and profitable, but more effective sport. Thai boxing is superior to classic when it comes to self-defense. One of the most popular styles among MMA fighters.
  • Wushu. Chinese kind of martial arts. In our area has become popular thanks to films with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. A type of martial arts that requires speed and a certain level of development of the spirit. Wushu is a type of martial arts that develops not only the body, but also the spirit. This is a separate fighting and life philosophy, which includes meditation, practice with weapons, work on varieties of this style, as well as non-standard physical development. Wushu is great for defending in a street fight. The best option for a battle with several opponents.
  • Taekwondo Korean type of martial arts, in which the main weapon are the legs. The national sport of Korea is included in the Olympic program. Taekwondo is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is a system for developing combat skills, improving health, strengthening fortitude and developing the mind. Taekwondo is on the list of the most effective martial arts for self-defense.

The world of martial arts is not limited to the above types. There are hundreds of combat directions with thousands of varieties of these directions. We discussed only the most popular and most effective ones.

Martial arts. Advantages and disadvantages

Martial arts classes have several advantages for every man:

You will learn to protect yourself and your loved ones. This is a key moment in martial arts.

  • Self-confidence will increase significantly. Martial arts are indispensable for people with a “victim complex”. If you can’t walk past the company of young people in tracksuits without tension, martial arts were invented just for you. Situations in which a man is forced to experience fear adversely affect his hormonal system, reduce manifestations of masculinity. Martial arts classes give constant self-confidence, relieve many fears. That is why courageous men are more often found in the gym or in martial arts training than in a computer club.
  • There will be changes in the hormonal system. Masculinity is a consequence of a high level of male hormones and a low amount of female hormones. Martial arts increase the level of testosterone, which is reflected in the growth of muscle mass, coarsening of the voice, increased energy, improved mood and increased sexual desire.
  • Hormonal changes are followed by changes in all areas of life. A high level of male hormones is a well-paid job, the opportunity to achieve career growth without much effort, popularity among girls.
  • Health promotion. Martial arts temper the body. Increases immunity, increases resistance to viral diseases. The correct functioning of the hormonal system reduces the likelihood of acquiring male diseases.
  • The character will change. Martial arts train willpower, help to understand that life is a struggle. Fighting with your weaknesses, fighting with your complexes, with negative character traits and laziness that regular training destroys.

Many martial arts “pump” not only muscles, but also the mind. Behind such martial arts as Wushu or Taekwondo is more philosophy than the writings of many famous philosophers.

Martial arts is the mechanism that triggers the process of changing your life. After 3-6 months of training, your bodily and spiritual development will reach a new level.

The disadvantages of martial arts are in the following aspects:

Any martial art is associated with Oxandrolone at Get-Roids.net. Kicks, throws and sweeps do not cause feelings of joy and relaxation. Every beginner has to deal with this. But martial arts are an opportunity to receive blows in training, instead of getting them in life.

The probability of injury. Martial arts strengthen immunity, but increase the risk of injury. A careless blow or an incorrect landing during a throw is the probability of getting bruises, dislocations or fractures. The probability is low (much lower than you think), but it is.

Waste of time and energy. BUT: martial arts generate a higher level of energy, due to which energy expenditures go unnoticed.

Bottom line: there are many more advantages than disadvantages. And disadvantages turn into advantages over time.

Training programs for the fighter

The construction of a training program depends on the type of martial art. The only true program does not exist. As an example, we use MMA – the most versatile martial art in the world at the moment. Training MMA fighters consist of:

Operating time of the technical component. The technique of blows and throws is worked out on bags, pears, with the help of other special equipment like a sledgehammer and tires.

Sparring. Sparring is not carried out in full force. “Chopping meat” during sparring is a trait of only fighters. Our mentality has no mean. It is important to consider this feature when sparring.

Strength training. Gym. Basic workouts that are different from bodybuilding.

Aerobic training. Work on endurance and functional.

Special training, which differ greatly depending on the preferences of the fighter. MMA fighters use sprint training, football, basketball, rugby, swimming – any sports that can increase the chance of winning a battle.

Bottom line: for 4 workouts, we increased the bench press by 5 kilograms. Indicators in other exercises increased in proportion to the bench press. Muscles are adapted to a new load – there is no need to use willpower, the difficulty of doing exercises is similar to the first training.

Bottom line: for 7 workouts, we added 10 kilograms in pull-ups. The back muscles in battle will work much more efficiently than before training in the gym.

These schemes are not entirely correct for specialized training. The progression of the loads is carried out by increasing the quality of the work performed. The number (duration of training) also needs to be increased, but this is a secondary factor.

Martial arts. Training at home

The principles of constructing training programs for working in home (street) conditions do not differ from the schemes that we presented above. Martial arts classes at home have the following features:

The need to learn independently. The athlete does not have a trainer who will teach combat movements and put the right technique. Training is based on using the experience and tips of people who practice or have been involved in martial arts. An additional tool are instructional videos.

Limited inventory. A training room must be built at home. 99% of readers do not have the opportunity to create a full-fledged training room at home. We buy only the most necessary equipment. An alternative is training on the street, on specially equipped sites.

To learn martial arts at home, you need to purchase:

  • Bag or pear – for drummers. A special dummy and a rug for practicing shots – for wrestlers. This is a training base, without which it is impossible to talk about full-fledged training.
  • Complex horizontal bar-bars. Desirable – 2 in 1 to save space. Exercises on the horizontal bar and uneven bars are the basis of strength training at home.
  • Gloves for striking a bag. Shell gloves are the best option. The necessary equipment to protect the fists from injuries and abrasions of the skin.
  • Pancakes for the bar. Desirable – pancakes for the Olympic vulture.
  • Belt for securing weight. We attach pancakes to the belt, we perform pull-ups and push-ups on parallel bars with weights. Gradually increase the weight of the belt.
  • Collapsible dumbbells. The more weight, the better. Dumbbells are needed just collapsible – for the ability to adjust the weight in various exercises.
  • The equipment you need for training in your sport. Example: a water-filled bag, which is suitable for a boxer, or a carpal expander, which a wrestler needs.
  • Rubber expander – for working out all the muscles at different angles. Universal expanders are an opportunity to carry out full strength training, organize recovery training and warm up before working with a projectile.
  • Bench with the ability to adjust the angle. Suitable for bench press and other exercises on the upper body.
  • Vulture for the bar. The diameter of the neck should be the same as the pancakes that you ordered earlier. At the exit, we get a full-fledged barbell, with which you can perform many exercises that are inaccessible or ineffective in the “dumbbell” version.
  • Rod stands or power frame. Vulture + pancakes + racks provide the opportunity to perform the best exercise for working on the lower body – squats with a barbell.
  • Skipping rope and other accessories that you consider necessary.

To conduct an effective fighting training, it is not necessary to purchase all the equipment mentioned above. The equipment is prioritized: the smaller the number, the more important this inventory.

Collapsible dumbbells.

In the beginning, substantial spending is not a necessity. You can achieve success in battle without serious financial investments.

In the future, buy a belt for securing weight and pancakes to increase the complexity of working on the horizontal bar and uneven bars. Then – a universal expander, which works out muscles inaccessible to dumbbells. Further – according to the list and necessity.

Especially for our readers, we have created a selection of fights that will not only help beginners, but also amuse the eyes of experienced fighters. All fights can be found in this section. We present to your attention the TOP-5 fights of useful video battles according to our site:

A person who has been involved in martial arts for a long time acquires a number of skills that affect his behavior. The following changes in character occur:

The worldview is changing. Life problems are perceived as an enemy strike: now it’s hard and painful, but after a few seconds you will strike back. After a few minutes, the situation may already be such that you win. This is the philosophy of all types of martial art. A philosophy that helps to cope with any life difficulties.

A fighter can control his feelings much better than a layman. Martial arts teach patience and endurance. Martial arts develop the mind, which allows, if necessary, to step back and look at their emotions from the side. Logical thinking develops. A first-class fighter makes life decisions under the influence of logical reasoning, not emotions.

Willpower develops. The philosophy of a fighter is as follows: everyone can achieve a result if he copes with his weaknesses and works hard enough. Fighters are the most stubborn and persistent people in any business. One who once developed willpower will never become a limp person.

The fighter understands that an idle lifestyle is a fake pleasure. This is the “flavor substitute” that crammed our society. The fighter naturally inclines towards a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and fitness training.

It is much easier for a fighter to motivate himself to overcome any life difficulties. A person who every day finds the motivation to enter the ring, a person who is not afraid to receive blows from life, can do a lot. The questions “how to lose weight”, “how to forget a girl who has changed”, “how to stop eating everything in a row” do not bother the fighter – they are solved at the “background” level.