Preparation Of Vaginoplasty

To undergo a vaginoplasty, you will have to have been taking estrogen for at least 1 year. We also recommend having undergone laser hair removal treatment in the genital area before the procedure. As with any other surgical procedure, your doctor will ask you to stop smoking at least 1 month before the procedure and 1 month later to facilitate healing. You should also stop taking aspirin medications at least 15 days before. You will be hospitalized the day before gender reassignment surgery Thailand so you can perform a bowel movement.

The Intervention

The intervention lasts 4 to 5 hours. The vaginoplasty is to eliminate almost entirely the corpus cavernosum of the penis and use the outer skin to create the internal walls of the vaginal. This means that the outer skin of the penis will form the inside of the vagina. When the vaginoplasty by penile inversion is not possible, either because the penis is circumcised or because it has enough skin, the technique is used in the skin flap. The testicles are also removed. The upper part of the glans, which is a very sensitive part, is used to build the clitoris. The foreskin allows creating the labia minora. As for the external parts of the scrotum, they are used to create the labia majora. During the procedure, the outlet of the urethra is shortened to allow urination down.


At the end of the procedure, a silicone prosthesis specially designed for the occasion is placed inside the vagina. It allows obtaining the desired depth and width and will be maintained for 8 to 10 days. You will have to lie down for 24 hours and carry a urinary catheter for 1 week. Your drains will be removed a few days after surgery, and your doctor will change the dressing within 4 days. You will be hospitalized for a period of approximately 12. You must follow the following tips to carry a successful postoperative days:

  • Maintain good intimate hygiene using a soap with a neutral PH, rinse thoroughly and gently dry the area
  • Wear baggy underwear and sports pants or skirts
  • If you notice any significant change in the area (smell, fluid), notify your surgeon
  • Avoid sex with penetrations during the first 2 months