Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?

It is thought that masturbation can upshot erectile dysfunction. ED occurs when you are not able to get an erection. Masturbation does not result in ED. This matter can overlook masturbation difficulties and mental and physical reasons of ED. This thing is not linked with masturbation.

In one research, it was believed that males with regular masturbation habits affected their erection and marriage and resulted in divorce. The diagnosis was done and the therapist suggested marital therapy and sex education. Within a few months, the couple was able to maintain sex relations. The physiological causes are stress due to relations, tension due to professional life, and depression due to mental issues. The specialist can also recommend taking Cenforce 100. Certain other clinical studies showed that frequent masturbation by watching porn can cause ED. It desensitizes physical intimacy. Scientists have also studied the neurological impact of porn. There is no clinical study that showed that watching porn can lead to physical responses causing erectile dysfunction.

There is another study that showed males who have taken behavioral therapy resulted in an improvement in understanding and communication and sex habits. It was demonstrated that communication therapy leads to improve erectile function.

Causes of erectile function in males

Various psychological and physical causes may lead to erectile dysfunction. The physical causes are high cholesterol, use of tobacco and alcohol, diabetes, obesity, low blood pressure, cardiovascular disorder, and multiple sclerosis. Debunking myths related to masturbation

The myth about masturbation is not normal. It is claimed that approximately 90 percent of males and 80 percent of females have done masturbation. There is another fable that masturbation can tip to recklessness or the development of hair on the palms.

Prevention of erectile dysfunction

You can do lifestyle modifications by doing exercise for half an hour a day. You must avoid the use of cigarettes and alcohol. Also, you must engage in other activities. If you think that you are anguish from ED then you requisite talk with the clinician. The specialist can prescribe taking Fildena 100.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

The action plan is based on the basis of erectile dysfunction. The key cause is the lack of stream of blood to the arteries and this cause is addressed by therapists.

Medicines- There are many medicines like Vidalista 20, Cialis, and Levitra. The medicines can lead to bad effects like headaches, pain in the stomach, and flushing. It can also cause interaction with other medicines and lead to conditions like liver disease, high blood pressure, and kidney disorder. You must interact with a specialist for drug interactions.

Penis pumps- Penis pumps are utilised for giving erectile dysfunction. The pump utilizes the tube for sucking air from the vital organ resulting in erection by enabling blood to get into the penis.

Surgery- There is two surgery: Penile implant surgery and blood vessel surgery. In penile implant surgery, the specialist inserts rods that are inflatable and flexible. The implants manage the erection by keeping the penis firm. The blood vessel surgery is performed to bypass the blocked arteries.

Other alternatives- The specialist can also suggest suppositories or injections for relaxation of penile vessels. The side effects are pain in tissue; you can talk with a doctor for managing ED. The clinician can also enquire you to swallow Tadalafil. If you think that the cause of ED is emotional then you can go to a therapist or psychologist. The counseling helps to address underlying issues.

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It is a myth that masturbation causes ED. I have discussed various clinical studies that tell that ED is not the consequence of masturbation and watching porn the clinical outcomes get improved with the counseling and medicines. The counseling helps to devise coping strategies for managing ED. So, CBT is the commonly used therapy that must be taken by the therapist.