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The Role of CVG Cares in Empowering Individuals

Community engagement and support have always been at the heart of economic development initiatives. At Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), this is no different. CVG Cares is a comprehensive program that has been established to ensure that the CVG airport and the surrounding community meet their social, environmental, and economic responsibilities. In this article, we will explore the various ways that the CVG Cares program has impacted the community’s well-being.

Community Partnership

CVG Cares has established strong partnerships with local organizations, government agencies, and businesses to promote community well-being. The program has worked with a wide range of stakeholders, including the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, the Red Cross, and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Through partnerships like these, the program has helped to support community health, education, and cultural enrichment.

Economic Development

CVG Cares is committed to supporting the economic development of the community. The airport has invested $5 million in infrastructure and improvements, including the redevelopment of two cargo facilities. The program has also conducted outreach to small businesses, helping them to access airport contracts and provide goods and services to the airport. This support has had a ripple effect in the community, contributing to job creation and increased economic activity.

Environmental Sustainability

CVG Cares recognizes that environmental responsibility is key to community well-being. The program has implemented measures to reduce the airport’s environmental impact, such as the installation of LED lighting and solar panels, reducing energy consumption and helping to lower the airport’s carbon footprint. In addition, the airport has implemented a comprehensive waste management program, ensuring that materials are recycled and diverted from landfills.

Community Outreach

CVG Cares has conducted numerous outreach activities, engaging with community members in a variety of ways. These have included educational programs in local schools, community events like tree planting and park clean-up days, and partnerships with nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity. These activities have helped to build strong relationships between CVG and the community, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for community well-being.

COVID-19 Response

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CVG Cares has implemented measures to protect public health and safety, while continuing to support the community. The airport has distributed masks and other PPE to local organizations, conducted COVID-19 testing, and implemented social distancing and hygiene measures throughout the airport. These efforts have helped to slow the spread of the virus and protect the health of the community.


CVG Cares is a comprehensive program that aims to promote community well-being through community partnership, economic development, environmental sustainability, community outreach, and COVID-19 response. Through these efforts, the program has made a significant impact on the social, cultural, economic, and environmental health of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky community. CVG’s commitment to comprehensive social responsibility sets a new standard for corporate citizenship, demonstrating that economic development and community well-being are inextricably linked.