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How to enhance your immune system against the new variants of COVID-19?

It almost feels like yesterday when we were tossing our drinks to the countdown for a

brand-new year. As the clock struck twelve, we entered into a year which took our breath away. As Wuhan, a small city in China reported an outbreak of the virus which was named the Corona Virus or much used Covid-19 our clocks started ticking. Soon by the 11th of March 2020 WHO (The World Health Organization) declared Covid-19 as a global pandemic.

As the real world shut down the virtual came to the rescue. Almost everything got shifted to online even weddings which was a very surprising thing to happen. This entire stay home and stay healthy thing was delightful only for a couple of months. Soon people went insane over the shortage of groceries, sanitisers, masks and other resources. People were taking the RT PCR test here and there to confirm there are not affected by the virus. During the first wave, everything was a blur. People were using bizarre ways to combat the disease. Bizarre ways like drinking sanitisers. Soon they realised that they need to follow the doctor-approved ways to ward off the virus.

Today we will be discussing the ways to boost our immune system to combat the new incoming variants of COVID-19.

6 ways to boost your immune system for COVID-19

Our immune system is a star player when it comes to avoiding infections and diseases. Therefore it is very important to keep it healthy and active forever to always be head of diseases and infections. We have listed six ways to strengthen your immune system to face the new variants of this virus.

1.    Get Vaccinated

The quickest way to gain immunity is to get vaccinated on time. Make sure you and your loved ones have all completed their vaccine doses. For senior citizens ensure that they have got their booster doses to further strengthen their immunity. Children above 12 years of age can take the vaccine now as well.

2.    A vitamin-rich and protein-rich diet

Eating a well-balanced diet is very important to fuel your immunity. Vitamins like A, C and E help if making the antibodies required to fight the virus. These vitamins make your respiratory system stronger and produce more antioxidants. On the other hand, it is beneficial to have minerals like zinc to produce enzymes that help with immune dysfunction. Additionally, it is also important to consume a lot of protein so that your body is protected against pathogens.

3.    Sleep well

Sleep plays a huge role to make your body immune. Sleeping well will put your body on a healthy clock and this is always a benefit.

4.    Exercise often

COVID is known to attack your respiratory system the most. Therefore indulge in respiratory exercises to make your lungs stronger. Exercising often also makes your overall immune system better. You don’t have to go to the gym for that home workouts work just fine.

5.    Stay hydrated

Water does the job of the best catalyst to improve your immunity. If you are following a good diet exercising well and even taking health supplements it is still very important to drink a lot of water. Water will flush out all the toxins. You can also drink a lot of healthy fluids like juices, and coconut water to enhance the effects.

6.    Reduce stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety often induce psychosomatic disorders. Hence, it is important to practice stress-relieving exercises to clear your mind space. Current situations are very stressful and this can hinder your immune system.

The above-given solutions will only work best if paired with the expert’s suggested precautions. You need to wear masks and sanitise at all costs to keep yourself safe. By following these precautions your immune system is never safe. COVID-19 has curbed a lot of aspects of our lives let’s fight it together so that we can smoothly get back to normal.