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How Long Do The Results Of Treatment Last?

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this. It always depends on the initial state. In the case of very pronounced wrinkles, a touch-up treatment becomes necessary more quickly.

This Is What We Think About HIFU Treatment

If cosmetic facial care is not enough for you and you do not want a facelift yet, a HIFU treatment can be the right thing for you. Please keep in mind that only the subcutaneous tissue is stimulated. The actual “amount” of skin is not reduced. The possibilities of ultrasound treatment are therefore limited and only temporary.

If the wrinkles are severe, excess skin should be removed to achieve a lasting improvement. Under certain circumstances, an injection with hyaluronic or Melbourne Botox can help here. But it may also be that a facelift is necessary to achieve your desired result.

The HIFU method nevertheless causes high costs. Therefore, think carefully about whether you want to invest the money in such a treatment, especially since the sessions have to be repeated over and over again. If you have to watch out for money, we think it makes more sense to save a little longer and invest in a facelift that offers better prospects.

What Are The Side Effects Of This Form Of Treatment?

The heat can be felt as painful during Hifu treatment. However, some only feel a slight tingling sensation. These sensations only exist during the actual session. If you are very sensitive to pain, you can ask your therapist to apply an ointment to relieve the pain. Some people may experience slight swelling and redness for a few hours. This applies in particular to people with sensitive skin. HIFU treatment is not indicated for thin skin. Such ultrasound treatment should also not be carried out on acne, injured or sunburned skin, or implants in the treatment area.

An e HIFU treatment on injected skin is not recommended. If the injection was long ago and its effect has already disappeared, things may look different. Please discuss this with your therapist because each case is different.