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Can One Die For Using Marijuana?

It is not a new or unknown fact that marijuana is one of America’s most widely used drugs. In 2006, over 15.4 million Americans age 12 and up had smoked pot within a month. With so many people using the drug, you would think that there were no dangerous effects from it at all.

However, as with any other substance, marijuana has negative as well as positive effects. In addition to its short-term effects of euphoria and slowed perception, long-term use can lead to impaired brain functions, lung damage from smoking it, financial problems from buying illegal drugs, and even death from overdosing.

Most people get scared when they know marijuana can kill humans when consumed in large amounts, but cannabis has also been used against several health problems for centuries.

Although many people think that smoking weed can lead to lung cancer or breathing issues, this is not the truth. The fact is that marijuana smoke contains much fewer carcinogens than tobacco smoke.

Can you die from using marijuana?

The answer will be briefly discussed in this post, but further research is needed for a conclusive answer.

There are several factors to consider on whether or not you can die from using marijuana

They include:

1. The age of the person using marijuana

When you are young, your body is still developing. Thus, anything that damages it-such as smoking pot-could have more damaging effects than if done by an adult.

2. The method of usage for smoking marijuana

There is a possibility to get different results based on how long you smoke it before stopping (e.g., 5 minutes vs. 15 minutes) and how many times you smoke it per day (e.g., once vs. three times).

3. The frequency of usage

If you smoke marijuana more times each day, your risk for an overdose will increase dramatically. 

4. Whether or not the person who is smoking it is also mixing it with other drugs

When you mix marijuana with other substances such as alcohol, cocaine, or heroin, your risk of overdosing is higher.

5. The quantity of usage

If you are smoking small-sized amounts regularly (e.g., cigarettes), this may be more dangerous than smoking large quantities all at once (e.g., bong).

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