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Curing Colds With Chinese Medicine Singapore Practices

In Chinese medicine Singapore practice, if poor blood circulation arises due to a cold, which slows down the blood circulation, it is first needed to distinguish between interior and exterior coldness. In our conversation of diet plan we stated that exterior or weather-related chilly (low outside temperatures) relocates the blood to the interior locations of the body.

Circulation shortage due to Cold

Signs and symptoms include chilly limbs, chilly intolerance, inclination to shiver, joint pain, and in some cases, low back and bone and joint pain, all pertaining to a Yang shortage. I manage this in line to the TCM concept, “Use warm to deal with coldness.” Herbs from the heating team like dry ginger, cinnamon bark, and prickly ash bark are usually very efficient.

The role of the heart in circulation deficiency

All other organs connect to the heart and help the heart function as ideal it can. According to TCM, managed blood circulation depends on the heart’s power flow, or Qi. When the heart does not have adequate Qi and is bad in Yang, it can lead to bad blood circulation, fragile pulse, palpitations and upper body pain.

A Heart Yang shortage is connected with cold. When Yang is not in balance, flow slows down causing severe coldness and a dull face. A Yin shortage takes place when one is overworked and does not offer the body and mind a possibility to decelerate. Fatigue and anxiousness are signs of a Yin discrepancy.

Food is medicine, medicine is food

In contrast with western medication, the duty of food and medication in traditional Chinese medication lap over. For instance, a water melon is food, yet it can also have a clinical result throughout hot days as a result of its hydrating attributes.

Nonetheless, there are also some foods that are seen as more “medicine” than “food,” as an example, ginseng. When it concerns this “medication,” a person ought to speak with a specialist, since eating it might make your body even worse. Why? Foods have various attributes, and all of us have various bodies that engage in a different way with various foods.

Focusing on colds

If the coldness has penetrated to the inside of the body the person will provide with chilly hands and feet, incorporated with signs and symptoms such as inadequate food digestion, stomach pain, tiredness, nausea and decreased cravings. In these instances, I make use of fresh ginger, black pepper, trikatu, ginseng root, white atractylodes and licorice root.

Do not use these herbs on their own as long-term treatment. Unless the temperature is really superficial and short-lived, there is generally another causative problem, such as low power or blood deficiency, which requires treatment to settle the circulatory problem permanently. In these situations, I make use of natural herbs to deal with the root problem in combo with the heating team herbs.