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5 Signs that you need to consider counseling and therapy

The ongoing global pandemic has changed many things in the world. Among the adverse effects is our lack of social interaction. While some states are opening up, the war against Covid-19 is far from over. While at-home time with your family is great, it also has its disadvantages. WFH has practically taken over, and instead of the standard 40 hours a week, people are working way more. Even the best people need support in hard times, and yet, people often associate psychotherapy and counseling with weakness. Meeting a professional at a Tulsa counseling center can actually help. In this post, we are sharing some of the signs that you need counseling and therapy. 

  1. You are constantly under stress. Even without the pandemic, some people just feel overwhelmed with the list of things they need to do. It’s like being under pressure and stress constantly, where you may find no time to relax or even breathe. That’s one of the poor signs of stress management, and a counselor can actually help you make the most of your situation. 
  2. You feel physically fatigued. Fatigue is one of the common signs of mental health issues. It may be related to doing too much or too little at a time. Sometimes, it could be an indicator of depression, where a person finds himself/herself to be too fatigued to even wake up or do the chores of life. 
  3. You have sudden bursts of anger. Anger is a normal human emotion, just like other emotions. However, if you find yourself getting raged and angry all the time, often on petty and avoidable reasons, it is a sign of underlying mental health concerns. Keep in mind that anger can eventually impact your relationships with people, in and out of work. 
  4. You have experienced panic attacks. While some may assume that there is nothing called a panic attack, but it’s real. The whole feel of being trapped in a situation, where your mind takes control and you feel trapped, can be scary. Meet a psychologist or counselor, because it often only gets worse. 
  5. You feel hopeless. Hopelessness is often another reason to see a counselor. It could be related to your circumstances, current life, the pandemic, or everything else, but it’s tough emotion to deal with. 

The good news is everything you talk with a counselor is absolutely private, and you can always decide on whether you want a second counseling session.