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5 Major Reasons Why You Should Buy Cannabis From A Dispensary And Not A Dealer

The cannabis industry is becoming more acceptable for both recreational and medical purposes. The progressive legalization of cannabis in various states has led to legal structures to handle farming, transportation, and retail cannabis products through cannabis dispensaries. However, the cannabis dealers in the black market are still operating, and you need to make a wise decision on how and where to access your cannabis products. However, you are always better off using legal structures and channels rather than illegal cannabis dealers.

Advantages of Cannabis Dispensaries Over A Dealer

Buying your cannabis from a dispensary has many benefits over risky dealers.

  1. Cannabis Dispensaries are Legal While Dealers Business Is Illegal

A dealer’s operations remain illegal; hence products obtained from the dealers are equally unlawful. Therefore, you will be risking a jail term and hefty fines if you engage in illegal business. On the other hand, a Weed dispensary is legal and registered; hence their products are permitted, and you will be safe if you consume them within the state’s restrictions.

  1. Cannabis Dealers’ Black Market May Support Crime

Since the dealers operate in the black market illegally, the authorities may not be able to track the flow of their finances, and therefore they use their income to finance crime. For cannabis dispensaries, the entrepreneurs are registered and are known to the authorities, making it difficult to engage in unlawful activities.


  1. Cannabis Dispensaries Provide Safe Products

Cannabis dispensaries have the responsibility to provide safe and quality products. The cannabis used for dispensary products is grown under strict environmental and safety conditions making the end product equally safe. Cannabis used in dispensaries undergoes rigorous testing to check for any harmful substances. Dispensaries use cannabis grown using organic methods hence free from toxins.

On the other hand, cannabis dealers may use hazardous methods to grow cannabis, such as pesticides which may leak into the cannabis and find their way to the end-user. Uncontrolled pesticides are harmful to your health, and as such, you need to avoid using cannabis grown using unhealthy methods.

  1. Dispensaries Promote Local Economy

Dispensaries operate in a controlled local environment, and authorities know their business chain from the local farmers and transporters to the dispensaries. Hence the money flows within the local economy. Additionally, cannabis dispensaries must pay their taxes to the authorities, thus contributing to the overall economy. However, the roots could be deep and wide for dealers, from foreign cartels siphoning money overseas. By the virtual that cannabis dealers are in the black market, their businesses do not pay taxes to the authorities.

  1. Cannabis Dispensaries Offers Free Professional Advice

Since cannabis dispensaries fall under a structured legal business, there is a seamless flow of accurate information from other stakeholders such as researchers. Hence, since budtenders constantly contact their customers, they provide precise information and advice based on their needs and health conditions. It becomes even more straightforward for budtenders because they have a wide variety of products to offer to their clients. You can search for cannabis dispensaries reno for professional advice and quality cannabis products.

On the other hand, dealers do not have a research interest; hence they lag behind current and vital information regarding cannabis products. Consequently, they are not able to give any accurate, meaningful information concerning cannabis products.


Obtaining products from the black market may expose you to the risk of fraud and violence. Your health may as well be at risk. Therefore, buy your cannabis products from a dispensary where your comfort is valued as well as your well-being. As the common saying goes, cheap is expensive; do not sacrifice your health or risk hefty fines for the sake of saving a few coins. Remember to enjoy your cannabis responsibly.