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Getting a massage at the salon during pregnancy

When your feet are swollen, your back aching and the skin gets dry and itchy during the pregnancy, all you can think of is someone to pamper you with a nice massage treat. During pregnancy, the proper perfect massage will relieve you from all the pain and keep you calm and at ease, and who does not like it? It is an effective way to get relief during pregnancy through maternity stress.

But the big question and eyebrow raise – can you go to a spa during pregnancy? How safe is it to go for a parlour massage during pregnancy?

And the happy news is – yes – but there is some important information that you need to be aware of before stepping inside the spa. 

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Firstly, the timing is important and secondly, know what treatments you should avoid ensuring safety during pregnancy. Massage is a great way to relieve the stress, pain and discomfort you feel during pregnancy. But ensure to take vital precautions before going to the spa. 

Massage during the first trimester is better to hold off. This is because, if the therapist is not a trained professional, the chances of causing stress on the body that could likely harm the baby is more. The good news is your second or third trimester period is a safer time to get the massage done.

One of the important precautions is to check with the doctor if you are fine to get the spa treatments

When the doctors give you the green signal, enjoy the treatment happily. It helps in freeing calm before the baby comes and offers you late nights, diapers and feeding schedules, reducing your me-time.

Try a massage that includes body scrubbing. It helps in stimulating blood circulation all over the body. The blood is pumped throughout your body and carries the much-needed oxygen. The steady supply of oxygen and nutrients from the blood to the parts of the body helps in supporting better health for you and your baby. 

But the precaution that you need to take while body scrub massage is to ensure your sensitive skin is not irritated. Ensure to choose gentle and hydrating ingredients, such as sugar-based scrubs over salt-based ones. And do not involve heat treatment. The best part is the gentle stimulation that is created during the scrubbing that helps in the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. It helps in warding off the stretch marks rapidly.

Speak to Heaven Therapy for more details on massage during pregnancy.