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Step Up Your Oral Health Game with DIY Mouthwash Recipe

Are you keen on maintaining good oral health? If yes, then you probably know what mouthwash is and the benefits it offers. This dentistry product is used to rinse the mouth usually after brushing to evade bad breath. Its most prominent benefit is that it kills germs. So, if you want to have a sustained and healthy smile, just go beyond brushing two times a day and add mouthwashes to your dental routine. 

If you are still not convinced, here are a few reasons why to use mouthwash. Read on. 

Fresh Breath

As we said, brushing alone is not enough to ensure fresh breath because toothpaste is not fully efficient in killing the bacteria that cause bad breath. Thus, these breath fresheners are imperative for getting rid of bacteria. 

Prevent Cavities and Plaque

These gargling fluids have all the properties to prevent both plaque and cavities. It is the best way to avoid tooth decay and unnecessary expenditure required for its treatment. 

Unlock Stuck Particles

Even after proper brushing, there is always a loophole left behind for the stuck particles to thrive. Therefore, try mouthwash before brushing to dislodge any food particles that can cause severe oral health problems in the future. 

Which Mouthwash to Use?

While there are a plethora of brands selling this product with quality assurance and at a reasonable cost, we suggest going for the organic ones. Yes, many vendors sell naturally-made mouthwash across the globe, it would be more fun and happening to try your hands at essential oils infused mouthwash at home. 

Why Natural Mouthwash?

Commercial gargling fluids often contain chemicals harmful to active ingredients like methyl salicylate, which can potentially cause organ toxicity if not used properly. That’s why natural and safer breath fresheners stunned the market impeccably with their numerous beneficial properties. 

DIY Mouthwash for Better Oral Health

Remember, essential oils are potent essences that come with anti-microbial properties along with many other benefits. It is also worth noting that some of these oils are efficient in teeth whitening. And a good example of this is lemon essential oil. Moreover, many others come with a pleasant aroma that accentuates the freshness of your breath. Additionally, the tea tree is known to kill bacteria and prevent gingivitis. That being said, you can assume that your DIY mouthwash would be a combination of more than 2 essential oils as each contributes individually to your oral care. 

Things You Need

  • Lemon Oil- 4 Drops
  • Peppermint Oil- 6 Drops
  • Spearmint Oil- 4 Drops
  • Tea Tree Oil- 6 Drops
  • Calcium Carbonate Powder- 1 Tablespoon
  • Concentrated Trace Mineral Liquid- 9 Drops
  • Spring Water- 3 Cups

You can also add a little amount of pure stevia, which is optional for suiting your taste buds and improving the taste of your mouthwash by giving it a subtle sweetness. 

How to Make?

Commence the procedure by adding the trace mineral liquid, spring water, and calcium carbonate powder in a mason jar. Alternatively, use a BPA-free plastic bottle in place of a mason jar. Blend all three ingredients properly and add the essential oils. Lastly, cover the mix with a lid and shake it well before using. 

Here, spring water is used instead of tap water to steer clear of bacteria. Calcium carbonate powder would help strengthen your teeth while trace mineral liquid would help repair damaged cells. Furthermore, spearmint and peppermint oils promote freshness and kill harmful microbes. 

Final Words

This is one of many DIY mouthwash recipes using essential oils that you can try. But before you start, make sure you buy Young Living Essential Oils as they are pure-grade and assured organic products.