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For years, a great scourge quietly spread across the country. While the government and the media focused on illegal drugs such as crack and heroin, a much greater addiction epidemic was taking place in America. Painkiller addiction is now recognized as the most lethal and most urgent drug problem in the country. It has affected millions of people and is concentrated as much in the rural areas of the country as the urban.

If you have an addiction to opioids, then you join many others across the land who are struggling with this disease. The first step is to recognize that you have a problem. Even if you have the support of family and friends to deal with it, you will also need to enroll yourself in a painkiller rehab program. This is the only way to get the effective painkiller treatment that you require.

The current opioid addiction epidemic has its roots in the late 80s. At the time, pharmaceuticals began pushing powerful painkiller drugs onto hospitals and doctors. Many of the latter believed that they were doing right by their patients. They believed that the opioid-based painkillers they were prescribing helped people cope with the pain of severe injury or post-op recovery. The trouble was that everyone underestimated the addictive properties of these drugs, or, in the case of the drug companies, covered it up. As a result, many physicians overprescribed them, and their patients became addicted. Once they ran out of prescription painkillers, they sought them on the black market or went after substitutes that would give them the same high. This only enlarged the illicit trade in painkillers, which gradually led to the current epidemic.

One of the great problems of getting people painkiller treatment is that they do not believe they are drug addicts. Too many people have an image of what a drug addict looks like. But you don’t need to be ragged and poor to be an addict. In fact, you may be a rather prosperous middle-class person and still have a drug problem. Such addiction knows no boundaries, and the issue will not go away just because you think that taking painkillers is respectable enough not to be a real problem.

Painkillers can still kill. For sure, they are sapping your health and destroying vital organs. Nothing good can come of such an addiction, and you will need help if you are to overcome it. Getting yourself into a rehab program will give you access to experienced and well-trained medical professionals. You will need to go through an initial withdrawal process, which the medical professionals in the program can make a little less painful. You will also need to go through counselling, so that you can get to the bottom of why you started taking painkillers in the first place. Such counselling will also help you identify your triggers and teach you how to avoid them.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for addiction. However, with the right self-reflection and support you can stay sober.

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