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How to Choose the Best Medicated Shampoo for Scalp Sores

An itchy and flaky scalp indicates dry skin. It may be a signal of some underlying skin issues such as seborrheic dermatitis and fungus. In these cases, the problems are treated with the help of medicated shampoos. But it is quite confusing to choose the right one which can provide you the best result. 

There are so many medicated shampoo for scalp sores available in the market, which often make the task difficult for the customers to choose the right one which can deliver quality results. 

Here, in this blog, you will come to know about these medicated shampoos and how they actually work.

How these medicated shampoos work?

There are many people who wonder how these medicated shampoos work. In many cases, antifungal shampoo, dandruff shampoo, and prescription shampoos are used to treat various types of scalp-related problems, and they really work. This is the reason why most of dermatologists recommend medicated shampoos as an initial step of treatment.  

Unlike normal shampoos that contain cleaning components, medicated shampoos contain medicines that help to treat skin issues. There are some medicated shampoos that can be purchased over the counter, while others need a doctor’s prescription. 

You can treat your itchy, flaky scalp with a wide range of medicated shampoos that are available in the market and follow up with a dermatologist if the problem still persists. 

What are the types of medicated shampoos available in the market?

Different types of scalp issues require different types of medicated shampoos. Some of the commonly used medicated shampoos include –

  • Ciclopirox shampoo:

It is also known by the name Loprox. It is an antifungal shampoo that requires a prescription and treats dandruff that takes place due to fungal infection. You need to wash your hair with this shampoo twice a week to eliminate the fungus and its symptoms. 

  • Clobex shampoo

Clobex is a very strong medicated shampoo that helps reducing scalp inflammation. To use this shampoo, apply it on dry hair and scalp and wait for just 15 minutes before washing it off because the drugs in the shampoo need to get absorbed by the skin. However, you need to stop using this shampoo as soon as the symptoms disappear. Under no circumstances you should use this shampoo for more than four weeks. 

  • Ketoconazole shampoo

This is a veryeffective antifungal shampoo that requires a doctor’s prescription for use. It helps to treat dandruff-like issues and fungal problems. 

  • Pyrithione zinc shampoo

This shampoo is available over the counter, and it contains both antibiotic and antifungal medications that help to treat the most common causes of dandruff. 

  • Shampoos containing tar: This medicated shampoo helps to relieve scalp inflammation and itching. They also slow down skin cell death. 

When to visit a doctor to treat scalp issues?

It is absolutely safe to try out these above-mentioned medicated shampoos to treat scalp problems. However, if you don’t get a satisfactory result after using it for a couple of months, then it is time to make an appointment with a dermatologist.