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How diverse are gastric sleeve and lap band surgery

How diverse are gastric sleeve and lap band surgery

If you are struggling with extreme obesity for a long time, then it is time to make a shift and choose the ideal weight loss surgery. The two most general bariatric procedures aregastric sleeve vs lap band.

Major dissimilarities between lap band vs gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy is an excellent alternative to gastric band when it comes to reducing weight surgically. This procedure also lessens the capacity of food the stomach can hold but activates positive changes in gut hormones as well, which are controlling blood sugar, suppressing craving, and lowering appetite.

It is executed by cutting almost 75 percent of the stomach but just needs a hospital stay for around a couple of days. As per a gastric sleeve study, patients have reported that they attained an average of 55 percent excess weight loss.Explore more to know how you can pay for weight loss surgery without insurance.

Who qualifies for gastric sleeve surgery?

One is considered the best candidate for a gastric sleeve if he or she is having a BMI of 40 or greater. BMI of 30 and above with a severe obesity-related health problem like sleep apnea, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes is also accepted.


At the time of surgery, surgeons create tiny incisions in the upper abdomen prior to inserting a silicone ring with a stretchy balloon around the stomach’s upper segment. While the band is accurately fitted, it would make a tiny pouch that would aid the patient feel satiated sooner with a lesser quantity of food. The band can be altered to let the patients raise or decline the food quantity that they can consume at any given time. Further, Mexico lap band surgery is a reversible process as the band can be taken out through extra surgery.

On average, patients would reduce 40 to 60 percent of their excess body weight after a lap band procedure. The outcomes from a lap band vary depending on the commitment and obedience of the patient. For instance, patients who obey their surgeons’ suggestions sustain a healthy diet, and workout daily would typically achieve better outcomes than a patient who sticks to old behaviours.

Who qualifies for a lap band?

Those who have a BMI of more than 40, or a BMI of 30 and above with conditions like high blood pressure, heart disorders, or diabetes can qualify for Mexico lap band surgery.

Hope this information based on lap band vs sleeve was helpful for you.