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When to see a urologist? Here’s a guide!

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Most of us associate the work with a urologist with kidney problems, but their work and expertise extend beyond that. Whether you are having urine incontinence issues, bladder pain, or male fertility issues, seeing a urologist is a must. Also, contrary to common belief, urologists also see women patients, but may not treat fertility issues. In this post, we are discussing the signs that you might need to consult a urologist Brooklyn New York

  1. UTI or urinary tract infection. The most common sign of urinary tract infection is painful urination and frequent urge to urinate. A urologist will recommend a few urine tests and blood tests to find if there is an infection, for which antibiotics and other medications can be recommended. 
  2. Urinary incontinence. Men and women alike can suffer from urinary incontinence. This could be related to an overactive bladder too, for which medications and lifestyle modifications can be recommended. 
  3. You have kidney stones. If you suspect kidney stones or have unexplained pain on one side of the back, you may need to see a urologist. You may also find blood in your urine, or the urine may look cloudy. Pain associated with kidney stones can be really severe. 
  4. You have erectile dysfunction. Men usually need to see a urologist for erectile dysfunction. This could be related to getting or maintaining an erection. Just because you had a hard time with your erection once doesn’t mean you have erectile dysfunction, but seeing a urologist is a good idea. 
  5. Unexplained pelvic pain. Any kind of pain in the pelvic area may mean kidney or bladder troubles for which seeing a urologist is a must. Ensure that you select a clinic that you can trust and be relied upon. 

Visiting a urologist

The first visit to a urologist is always about discussing your health concerns. The urologist may recommend a series of tests, for proper diagnosis and may start antibiotics, if the symptoms feel familiar. However, diagnostic tests are usually recommended to find the actual problem. If you have blood in your urine, have difficulty urinating or frequent urination, do consider seeing a urologist without delay. Most problems related to the bladder, kidneys, and male reproductive systems can be treated easily with early diagnosis. 

Check online now to find the top urologists in your area and ask for an appointment, to know more on how you can feel better.