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A Detailed Guide To Natural Cancer Treatment

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Cancer is perhaps the most dreaded disease of all. It holds a notorious record of being incurable and hence, life-threatening. Despite several measures to keep it at bay, sometimes procuring the disease is inevitable if it’s inherited. Heredity and genes also play a vital role when it comes to the vulnerability of a person to cancer. Regarded as a daunting disease, several natural remedies have been suggested as a natural cancer treatment, but the question is, do they actually work?

It is vital to get to the crux of matter before coming to believe just about anything and everything that is put out in the name of treatment is certain to work. Sure, the natural remedies recommended for cancer treatment may be helpful in reducing its symptoms, and when precautions are taken prior to the onset of the disease, it may be prevented at best. Before learning about whether it works or not, here is a guide to the natural cures that claim to treat cancer. 

Complementary cancer treatment 

These days, many people have been opting to take the nonmedical road of treating cancer that involves no doctor visits or medical therapies like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, hormonal therapy, and immunotherapy by relying on the so-called natural remedies for cancer that include herbs, vitamins, minerals, yoga, meditation, and the like. This preference of natural cancer treatment through alternative therapies over the conventional medical approach to cancer is referred to as complementary cancer treatment. 

Alternative cancer remedies

The remedies suggested in this list are all-natural ways to treat cancer. Here is the plan.

  • First on the list is yoga. For time immemorial, yoga has been linked with good health on the outside as well as the inside. Many practitioners of the same have been a living and thriving example of how yoga can increase a person’s lifespan. 
  • Followed by yoga, another much talked about lifestyle and wellness practice is meditation. Practicing meditation is known to improve not only one’s physical health but also a person’s mental health. It also helps in improving concentration, breathing and keeps one physically and mentally active. There are undoubtedly profound effects of meditation discovered throughout these many years of practice that one will probably need an entire book to jot down its benefits.
  • Chinese herbs and bee venom are somehow seen as an alternative to cure cancer to the extent where it has now become a trend to ditch medical treatments for the disease and switch to these alternatives instead. 
  • Extreme dieting, intake of necessary vitamins and minerals are also used as a cure to reduce the devastating effects of cancer. 

Cure or curse 

Seeing the number of people switching to the above-mentioned alternatives is alarming since cancer is one such disease that brings one closer to the door of death. To put trust in such a word of mouth treatments rather than surgery seems to be an ignorant decision since these alternatives can be helpful in reducing the symptoms and effects of cancer, but as for them treating the disease entirely, the assertions would rank relatively low in the probability scale. 

Does it work?

  • There have been many research studies conducted over the years regarding this use of natural cancer treatment and its results. Despite several people believing it to have improved their health, these studies have shown that it is not entirely true. 
  • The studies have reported that the death rate of patients who followed the alternative method over the medical one was comparatively more. As such, patients who turned their heads away from medical treatment had a higher risk of meeting death. Moreover, the majority among those who relied upon this alternative trend were female, belonged to a well to do family, and also well educated. 
  • These remedies may be helpful in improving one’s cancer, but when one is on a diverged road of life and death, they cannot afford to wait for these remedies to work on them and just be an experiment. 
  • Merely relying on these alternative remedies is harmful to an extent where it can cost a person their life. The only logical practice would be to team medical help with the preparation of these natural remedies to help one have sound health and reduce their symptoms or, at best, prevent the disease altogether. 
  • Genes such as proto oncogenes are known to contribute to the development of cancer and to treat the same. Medical help is undoubtedly required. 

Sum up

Practicing yoga and meditation every day along with a diet enriched with vitamins and minerals is undoubtedly a great way to not only treat cancer but maintain good health and keep other illnesses at bay. However, being in its reliance without any medical assistance to treat cancer would be an incautious decision.