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What Are the Dos and Don’ts after Botox®?

For everyone getting Botox in Calgary, it is important to understand that the process doesn’t end with the completion of the injection. There are several things you must do or avoid after the treatment to get the desired results.

In this article, we will show you the dos and don’ts after Botox in Calgary if you want the treatment to be effective and long-lasting.

Dos after Botox

· Stay in touch with the expert

You must realize that Botox requires regular maintenance even after getting the injection. Therefore, you must not stop communicating with the accredited skincare professional that carried out the process. Also, if you notice any unexpected things such as rashes or excessive swelling, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Botox injector.

· Relax and wait for the result

In most cases, it will take about 1 week before you can start seeing the full results of Botox. So, you should neither be in haste nor panic after getting Botox in Calgary. Relax and wait for some periods before expecting the results of the injection.

· Frown for one hour

Once you have received the injection, you have to frown constantly for around 60 minutes or more. This enhances the uptake of the injection by the targeted muscles. With this, you will have a good chance of getting the desired result.

· Adhere to your treatment schedule

Botox is not a one-off treatment. Therefore, you must bear it in mind that you will be scheduled for some routine treatments every 3 to 4 months. You must not forget this so that you can maintain the result you want.

· Maintain the upright posture for a few hours

For the first 4 or 5 hours after the treatment, you need to maintain an upright posture. This is aimed at making sure that the Botox does not shift to an unintended part of the face.


· Avoid some substances

For the first few days after getting the injection, you need to avoid taking some substances that may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. These substances include alcohol, fish oil or Omega 3s, NSAIDs, aspirin, ginseng, and any medication that can lead to blood thinning.

· Don’t touch or rub the injection site

After the injection, the injection site should be left untouched. Generally, rubbing or touching the site can force the Botox to shift to another location; thus, making the treatment ineffective. 

· Don’t do any strenuous exercises or activities

Strenuous workouts or activities can affect the intended result by making the injection to move to another area. Of course, this will lead to a waste of money and other resources. Therefore, you must avoid strenuous activities and exercises for the first 24 hours after the treatment.

· Don’t go for any facial beauty treatment

After getting Botox in Calgary, you have to avoid getting any facial treatments for the first one or two weeks. Some of the treatments to avoid include facials, dermal fillers, and skin exfoliation.

· Don’t expose yourself to sunlight or excessive heat

Another don’t you must observe after getting Botox in Calgary is that you must not expose yourself to excessive heat or sunlight. Sunlight and excess heat can lead to bruising and other problems on the injection site. So, you must avoid sunlight and heat.

Again, for the best result after getting Botox in Calgary, you must note these dos and don’ts.