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Preparation for weight-loss surgery

Weight-loss surgery is a life-altering procedure and demands a change in lifestyle and habits after the surgery to maintain weight loss. Also, it is important to prepare well for the surgery to gain the best results. There are various things needed for weight loss surgery and the amount of preparation is considerable. In this article, we discuss how to prepare for weight loss surgery.

Preparing for weight loss surgery

Quit smoking – If you have a habit of smoking, quit it before you undergo weight loss surgery. Consumption of tobacco and nicotine products have proven to be fatal and increase complications during and after the surgery.

Changes in Diet – Eating three regular meals and one to two small snacks is an ideal eating plan for the day. Always ensure having breakfast and avoiding eating anything four hours before going to bed at night. Increase protein in your diet and accommodate more fresh fruits and vegetables, cutting consumption of sugar and fatty foods, unhealthy food, and restaurant meals. Drink more water as an adult needs 64 ounces of water every day. Restrict caffeinated and carbonated beverages and eliminate consumption of calories through beverages, including alcohol, soda, energy drinks, and juices high on sugar content.

Maintain a journal – Record your eating and drinking habits. It will help you realise where there is a scope of improvement, what to consume more, and what not to eat anymore.

Exercise – Start exercising if you are not doing that already. Start with short walks and gradually increase the intensity and duration of the exercise. The focus should be on frequency rather than intensity while exercising.

Focus on your health – Take care of your physical and mental health while trying to lose weight and maintain it. Starting a journal to record the motivating lifestyle changes could be a good practice to keep you focused. Also, develop a support network of people who are positive and care about you. Take small steps and set realistic goals. Staying positive throughout the process is key.

These are some of the tips for preparation for weight loss surgery. To know more, consult a weight-loss expert near you.