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Am I an Alcoholic? The Mystery Solved!

There are a number of people who do consume alcohol on a daily basis. No matter what the reason is but it is quite obvious that they are consuming it to free themselves from mental and physical stress.

When these people get addicted to alcohol and they can’t live without that. This is the main reason for which it is important to know whether you are addicted to alcohol or not. So, follow this article to get answers: am I an alcoholic?

The Symptoms of an Alcohol Addict

There are a number of symptoms available to know about your alcohol addiction. And, some of them are given below.

  • Drinking more alcohol or for a longer time than you intended.
  • Unable to stop or moderate alcohol-consuming in any situation.
  • Taking a lot of time on obtaining, using, and recovering from side effects of the alcohol.
  • Posing strong will to consume alcohol.
  • Unable to fulfill the daily duties and commitments at home, work, or school due to the consumption of alcohol.
  • Continuation of consuming alcohol even after experiencing the consequences to social, personal, and professional life.

What do You Mean by an Alcoholic?

When you are going to search for the answer, am I an alcoholic? There are a number of things you need to properly consider. It is important to first focus on two choices.

Consuming alcohol more than before will damage your mental and physical health rapidly. And, it will also affect personal and social stature by polluting personal life. In this way, the consumer will lead to premature death.

If you have realized that you have an addiction to alcohol, it is important for you to seek help and properly take treatment for the alcoholism by which you can get and stay sober. In this way, you can easily rebuild your life again.

Does that Mean You have to Stop Drinking Forever?

Being an alcoholic doesn’t mean that you will suffer from a lifetime health condition and a different type of disorder of the brain. Becoming an alcoholic is not someone’s fault and it is also not a choice too. But, the choice you do have is, whether you access the treatment or not.

If you are an alcoholic, you need to go for complete abstinence which is the best way to maintain the recovery from this kind of disorder.

According to studies, alcohol addicts are just suffering from addiction. Their brain releases a high amount of the dopamine hormone after consuming alcohol or drug at a particular time.  Dopamine hormone works like a neurotransmitter that always regulates the brain’s reward center and emotional responses to the stimulus. This is the reason for which someone has to keep consuming alcohol to please the brain. And, this is the basic answer to, am I an alcoholic?

If someone is an alcoholic, that doesn’t mean that he has to stay on that stage for his entire life. He can easily recover using will power and, using actual rehab facilities. Make sure that you have properly followed the advice of the doctors. Therefore, there is no way to panic while getting the answer.