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Warm up before Steroids Workout: what is the main things?

For those who do not know why they need a warm-up before training, we’ll explain. When warming up, the body gets the necessary warm-up, body temperature rises to +39 degrees. Thanks to this, we get blood flow to the muscles and increased muscle elasticity – now they are native, as if the threads would stretch.

Also, a warm-up before training is necessary to prevent injuries. It will not allow you to injure any important organ – overheated muscles and tendons are not afraid of overstrain. In addition, the warm-up before training will help to adjust the brain to the necessary mood – it will help to remember why it was necessary to come to the training and give zeal.

It is logical that each sport needs its own workout.

Gym. Warm up is carried out from top to bottom, from limbs to the body, from head to feet. It is best to start with leaning forward and sideways, low-amplitude swing, half-squats. You can do several warm-up approaches with small weights to help the muscles remember the movements and prepare for the Buying Steroids from Reputable Site. For this, 50% of the working weight is suitable. It is also worth running for a run for 7-10 minutes on a treadmill.

Combat sports. It is important that the body is ready for basic exercises and work. First, the warm-up of the hands – circular movements of the shoulders, elbows, hands, swinging arms in different directions. Neck warm-up – movement back and forth, left and right, circular. Then the hip joints, then the knees. In general, almost all joints are warming up.

If there is a struggle in the form of sport, then various insurance policies are worked out. To strengthen the neck, you need to make a wrestling bridge. Various exercises to coordinate movements and strengthen joints. Of course, stretch marks, stretch marks do not do only in boxing. Universal warm-up does not exist here. Each trainer has her own. One trainer may be present in the warm-up, for example – the “goose step” the other does not, etc. Most exercises are the same, but still, each trainer has his own workout before training.

Run. It’s enough for a warm-up – 3-5 minutes jogging, twisting and tilting (another 3-5 min). Calm stretching for each muscle group for 10 seconds, as much as possible. Then you can safely start your run.

Yoga. Warming up before practicing yoga depends on the time of practice. In the morning, you can start with a dynamic practice, for example, the Surya Namaskar complex, which will awaken the mind, and improve the blood supply to the body. And if the lesson was planned for the evening, and this evening came in a sultry summer, then you can do without dynamic practice. It will be enough to stretch the palms, feet, knee, shoulder and hip joints.