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Brain and Body Enhancing Tips from Herbalife Nutrition 

As people continue to live longer and longer, remaining healthy is essential. Herbalife Nutrition is focused on promoting positive actions that most everyone can take to stay sharp during their golden years. Exercise, social engagement, and nutrition can benefit everyone, but especially seniors, for optimal clarity and mental brightness. These things do not have to become a chore, either. You can work activities and food into your life without much disruption.

Easy Exercise

When you work out, consider what’s on your mind while you’re doing it. Working out the mind while you are moving your muscles will double your efforts. As for specific exercises, walking is easy on the joints, and it gets oxygen to the brain. You can make walks more meaningful to your brain by exploring a new route. Doing something different will cause new sensations, and your mind will naturally become more alert because of the new environment. And if you like to use a treadmill, listen to new music or watch a how-to video on an interesting subject.

If your mobility is lacking, meditation is a mental workout, too. Many people think that mediating involves sitting quietly and keeping your mind empty. This is one form, but there are guided meditations, which can take you on a relaxing journey, or visualization meditations. Visualizing forces your brain to build pictures of new images, and it expands your imagination.

Social Engagement

Staying in contact with people can help your mental health. Social engagement combats loneliness and depression, so feeling connected can give the brain a friendly boost. If you have trouble meeting new people, think about volunteering for a cause that is near and dear to your heart. Another avenue to try is attending church. If you are not affiliated with any particular religion, you can choose from many nondenominational churches. Also, find out if your community has a senior center. They are usually free to join, and they offer classes, lunches, and other group-orientated activities for older adults.


Proper nutrition is vital to brain health. Scientists have discovered that certain foods seem to have more of an impact on mental function than others, such as fish, dark chocolate, and olive oil. To get more fish in your diet, find a seafood market that brings in fresh catches, and try out new recipes. Fish can be grilled, baked, or broiled. It shouldn’t be hard to squeeze in a little dark chocolate into your diet. The trick is to find high-quality candy. Dark chocolate typically contains at least 70% cocoa. Anything less than that does not seem to have the same effect. You can get olive oil in your diet by making a salad dressing. Mix olive oil with a little balsamic vinegar and drizzle it over your greens.

Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition has been in the nutrition business for decades. The company uses science to create its shakes, snack bars and other meal replacement products. The shakes are an alternative for those who want a tasty, but quick, alternative to a full meal. Herbalife Nutrition’s shakes are not the overly processed drinks you see in fast-food restaurants. Instead, they are nutritionally balanced for a healthier meal.