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What is Zygoma reduction surgery?

Zygomatic reduction surgery is a facial surgery that is used to reduce the width of the face. In this surgery, the zygomatic bone also known as cheekbone is excised. The purpose of this surgery is not to flatten out the cheekbone but is to reduce the width of the face. You can go for Zygoma reduction plasty in Yanhee hospital [ลดโหนกแก้มยันฮี, which is the term in Thai].

The broad facial structure is very common in Asian people so the majority of the Asian people goes for this type of surgery and is increasing gradually with the passage of type. Zygoma reduction surgery can help you to look more attractive and appealing. It has been noticed that people undergoing this surgery look more attractive afterwards.

Post-Surgery symptoms

Every medicine and surgery has some post-surgery symptoms the same way Zygomatic reduction surgery has some of these but they don’t last long. They usually clear out in a period of three to six months. Swelling, numbness and reduced sensation are some of the symptoms. There is also some side effect but they are very rare. Symmetry, infection, motor nerve injury and excessive scarring are the Side Effects but the probability of their occurrence is very rare. In most cases, the symptoms are not severe. We always ensure that things always go in the right direction.

Are skinny faces more attractive?

Everyone in this world has a desire to look beautiful as beauty is an admiral. Beauty is a demand of every individual that’s why they use cosmetics and other facial products.

In most countries such as Korea and Thai etc. thinner faces are a sign of beauty so almost all of the people there undergo this surgery. In fact they undergo multiple surgeries to look beautiful and attractive. The trend of facial surgery is very high. It is an international hospital which is specialized in a wide range of medical and cosmetics surgery.