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Before you transfer your car to a local workshop

Before you transfer your car to a local workshop, you must be endowed with some knowledge to be sure that the paintwork is done efficiently and money is not wasted

Among the most common reasons why a car owner thinks about the necessity to paint his car, the following can be distinguished:

  • Various kinds of road traffic accidents, after which body repair is required and painting is indispensable;
  • Identification of foci of corrosion on the body. To eliminate them, the cleaning of damaged parts and their subsequent painting are required;
  • There are nicks, scratches and dents on the car body, which sooner or later appear during prolonged using of the car;
  • The desire of the owner to change color or do airbrushing.

Depending on the technical condition of the car, the painting can be local, partial and complete. If one part is damaged or a small number of body elements require replacement, then use partial painting. Most often, the following car parts are exposed to local painting: bumper, fenders, sills, doors. The main difficulty with partial painting is to match the color of the painted body element with the rest. The advantages of this painting method is a significant cost savings, as only the place of damage or a separate element of the body is painted. Under observance of all the requirements for the technological process, as a result, repair marks are not visible and the painted element is not different from the rest of the body.

If due to an accident or corrosion it is required to replace most of the body, then use a full car painting. It is also used in the repair of old cars, when partial painting of a large number of individual elements does not allow to achieve an exact match with the original color of the car.


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