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Different Ways to Make Your Marijuana Products Shine in a Dispensary

The cannabis industry is becoming more and more competitive these days. Many states are now legalizing the medical and recreational use of marijuana. That’s why many companies are launching their marijuana products into the public.

So, whether you want to produce your own product of flowers, explore the world of cannabis products, or perhaps create several marijuana-infused beverages – as a business owner, you need to make a difference and create uniqueness from many companies have in their shelf. 

A Marijuana Dispensary in California usually has at least 40+ different products and brands on their stores and multiple SKUs on each shelf. Though there are some limitations when it comes to marijuana advertising that was implemented in other states, it can be more profitable to focus on increasing the sales of your marijuana products through establishing a difference in-store compared to an expensive digital marketing campaign.

If you plan to create a new marijuana brand, or perhaps you have several products available in your dispensaries, below are the following steps on how to market your marijuana products, shine among the others, and lastly – increase your sales and revenues.

Hire In-Store Budtenders and Pop-ups

Budtenders spend a lot of time in your store together with your potential customers than you would throughout the sale process. These budtenders can be a success to your product or could be the reason why your competitors are dominating you. 

It’s incredibly essential to establish a good relationship with budtenders, and one particular way to do that is through an in-store pop-up. You can hire a well-experienced and knowledgeable budtender as a brand ambassador to visit the stores that selling your products. 

Having a budtender is incredibly beneficial for the following reasons:

  • They can help and educate staff and other budtenders on how to sell your marijuana products effectively, and give a reason why the customers should pick your brand compared to others.
  • They can talk directly with the customers and explain your product to the end-user about the importance and benefits if they use a particular product from your brand.

The essential benefit that you can get from budtenders is the fact that they will continue showing their appearance in the dispensary and establishing relationships with other budtenders that also work in that particular store. If a budtender has the chance to promote a specific brand that was sent in reps to support them to do their duties or one that hasn’t – which of these can promote your brand to the customer? In addition to that, it’s mandatory to hire a budtender or representative that is friendly, funny, personable, and approachable. 

Consumers trust people more than they trust a particular brand; it’s the main reason why social proof, especially on the internet, is becoming an essential factor in marketing your brand. Nowadays, consumers are not interested to know why your product is the best; what they really want to know is why others think that your product is the best. Furthermore, a budtender often looks like a cannabis adviser, so customers will regularly talk to them to ask for a quality yet straightforward advice. 

Indeed, hiring an in-store budtender is the most effective way to market your product, staffing pop-ups, and organizing can be quite expensive if this is executed on a large scale. You may use them in a combination of in-store marketing and stellar product display to make the most out of your money.

In-Store Digital Marketing

Many brands are not familiar and don’t use in-store marketing or advertising for their advantage. Marijuana brands may use media on digital displays, like menus or additional displays, to place their products directly to the customers at the front of POS.

Some dispensaries often use 2-3 digital displays, one for the menu and two digital displays for advertising the products in their stores. Generally, brands may use short video clips as a form of advertisements or images to leave a mark in the customer’s mind so that they will remember your brand.

Also, utilizing in-store digital marketing techniques to help your pop-ups enable bartenders and representatives to talk essential details about your product, and at the same time, help attract customers to make an inquiry about the product that was shown in the display.

Product Displays

An excellent product display should be visually attractive and a little enough to fit on each shelf. Producing a large and obstructive display is an excellent idea to get your display hidden from the counter. Remember, when designing your product display, budtenders should be able to use that display to make their job more comfortable – and not giving them some stress in trying to locate where they should put it.

Product displays should also help to promote and highlight the good thing about your product, what makes them unique from the competitors, and of course, your brand’s personality. It is an excellent way to show off your crafting and creativity!