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The Benefits Of Using A Heel Cup

Our feet take a whole lot of wear and tear each day. Between the amount of standing walking on hard ground or hot astroturf. So, is it any wonder that our feet can sometimes ache or even end up with a common yet painful condition known as Plantar Fasciitis. Basically, this condition is caused by inflammation of the fascia and the ligaments that connect the foot to the calf muscles.

The result is a pain in the heel area while walking, which is literally unbearable to deal with. This is why heel cups were created to help individuals not only go about their daily lives pain-free but to also aid in healing Plantar Fascitis because it eliminates further strain on the heel.

Exactly What are Heel Cups

Heel cups are a specialize insole that goe directly into the heel area. These help to absorb impact as we walk. Not only do these help to heal plantar fascitis but they will help to prevent it as well. Heel cups come in various sizes and depths. There are heel cups for men and women that range in sizes from small to large.

For example when choosing heel cups for men and your foot size is either a size six or seven then you would want to choose either a size small or medium. Usually, packages go into what size foot is ideal for a specific heel cup, so always pay attention to the packaging. Then there is the overall depth of the heel cup, some of our design thicker than others and again the decision will need to be made as to which one best suits your own needs.

Other Reasons to Invest in Heel Cups

Other than healing Plantar Fascitis or trying to prevent it there are other valid reasons why an individual should consider investing in heel cups. These are as follows:

  • Foot Fatigue
  • Keep Heels Properly Aligned as You Walk
  • Benefits Kids and Adults with Diseases Such as RA
  • Add Relief to Sore or Sensitive Heels
  • Cushions and Cradles the Entire Heel Area

Different Brands of Heel Cups

Heel cups not only come in a variety of sizes and depths there are also many manufacturers of this product. In fact, it can be somewhat overwhelming to decide which heel cup is the best. Yes, when it comes to children it isn’t a difficult turn out there is only one type of heel cup designed for them which is known as Kidzerts Children’s Heel Cups. But for the rest of us the decision on what brand isn’t so easy. So, how do we decide? Well, one thing that can be done is to take the recommendation of your podiatrist, they can even help you to properly size the heel cup. Another option is to do some research online.

Do a search in the google search engine on heel cups and see what comes up. Usually, the brands are shown with ratings based on reviews of previous customers. Look for the ones that have gotten a great rating with a great deal of positive feedback. Yes, also important to look at negative feedback as well to see what cons there are regarding the product if any. It is something that will take a while to finish, but in order to get the best heel cups for your money, it is highly recommended.

Heel cups can play an essential part in a person’s overall foot health. These have several benefits and certainly can help take a load off our feet.