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Facts You Need to Know About Vaping

If you have planned to quit your smoking habit, and then let me tell you that you are not at all alone. The reason behind it is that almost seven out of every ten smoker thinks that they need to stop smoking. You will be amazed to know that quitting smoking is one of the best things, which you can do for your health. You might not be aware of the fact that smoking injures almost every part of our body, and this includes even your heart. Mentioned below are some of the facts related to vaping.

  • Vaping is less harmful – You will be shocked to know that vaping is less harmful compared to that of traditional smoking. The reason behind it is that the E-cigarette heats the nicotine, which is extracted from tobacco, flavorings, and other chemicals. But in the case of the traditional tobacco cigarette, it contains more than seven thousand different types of chemicals, among which most of them are toxic in nature. Even though there is no clear indication about the chemical present, but it is sure that it has less harmful chemicals compared to the traditional cigarette.
  • The new generation is getting attracted towards Nicotine – In a survey, it was found that the e-cigarette has become more in demand compared to the traditional tobacco product. And this demand has increased more among the high school students. It was also observed that almost forty percent of the e-cigarette user has never smoked the tradition cigarette previously.                                                          
  • Quit smoking habit – The electronic cigarette was created, keeping in mind that it would help either to quit or reduce the smoking addiction. In addition, it was noticed that most of them started using electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes.

If you were planning to use vaping, then I would recommend you to opt for the nord vape. The best part of this Nord kit is that it combines all things in just one vape kit. Moreover, you will be astonished to know that you can have features like restricted airflow with the high maintenance of flavor and vapor output. You might be wondering what this nord Smok is. So let me tell you that Nord is nothing but a newly designed button triggered pod system device. The thing, which makes it a powerful one, is its battery capacity. It combines with the use of two coils, which are Nord Mesh and Nord Regular.