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5 Everyday Habits that are Hurting Your Eyesight

Eyes are a vital organ of the body that requires gentle handling, care, and prevention from the exposure that could damage them. Besides visiting an optometrist regularly for a checkup, having information about habits that ruin the eyes can help to prevent the eyes from unnecessary stress and harm.

Here are the 5 everyday habits that are hurting your eyesight:

  1. Drinking Less Water

One of the major causes of eye problems is dehydration. The eyes need water to produce enough tears to protect them and provide the necessary moisture and nourishment. If you do not drink enough water your body needs, you are causing several health problems for yourself. You are vulnerable to having puffy, red, and dry eyes. Start drinking enough water regularly to keep your eyes healthy and improve your overall health.

  1. Poor Lighting

Working or reading in a poorly-lit room will cause eye fatigue and make it difficult for you to focus. Also, excessively bright light can cause glare and ruin your eyes after a long time. Reduce eyestrain by regulating your room lighting or get a lamp on your worktable.

  1. Not Checking Your Medication

If you take medications either prescribed or over the counter medicines without checking the side effects, you may be ruining your eyes unawares. Some medicines cause dehydration, light sensitivity, and dry eyes. Checking your medications will allow you to know what impact your medicines will have on your eyes and vision. Some medicines can cause macular degeneration, congenital disabilities, glaucoma, etc. Therefore, you need to check and know the risks you are taking.

  1. Swimming in Contacts

Wearing contact lenses while swimming can expose your eyes to infections. Pool water, as well as salt and fresh water, has issues with chemicals or bacteria that enter into your contacts. As a result, you should remove your contacts before swimming or immediately after swimming to clean and disinfect them before wearing them again to reduce the chances of ruining your eyes.

  1. Addiction to Coffee

Coffee’s taste is pleasant and also the nudge it gives you, including the energies it gets released. However, coffee is a caffeinated drink that increases blood pressure and even the pressure in your eyes. Getting addicted to coffee will always keep your eye pressure high at all times. Having more than 3 cups of coffee every day can cause exfoliation glaucoma. Although there are reports that coffee can protect the eyes, excessive consumption of coffee will ruin your eyes eventually. Limit intake of coffee or go for decaffeinated coffee if you cannot do without its taste.