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Things You Need To Know About Mental Health Continuing Education

Psychology is a dynamic field and can change over time with the development of a new lifestyle, civilization, education system, and advancement in the evolution of human beings. Mental Health professionals like psychologists, therapist, social workers, and Counselors, etc. have to be updated with the development in their fields so that they can provide best practices to the changing requirements and problems of their clients. Continuing education can help mental health professionals to stay up-to-date on the development of psychology. One of the best ways to continuing education is through online courses and webinars.  Here are a few things to know about Continuing education for mental health professionals.

Range of Continuing Education for Mental Health Professionals

  • Seminars
  • Online courses
  • University courses and workshops
  • Community services
  • Research and Peer Consultation

According to mental health professional specialization, every state has requirements for continuing education to meet the valid credits. There are specific credit hours of continuing education required by the state licensing boards that helps in renewing the mental health professional license. Every mental health professionals will have different requirements for maintaining their license, and before you enroll for continuing education, get to know the state requirements.

What are the requirements of Continuing Education?

The different state requirements for various mental health professionals cover the key areas:

  • It requires a minimum number of credit hours to get valid credits for your license.
  • It requires to renew your license after a certain period.
  • Credit hours focus on the specific professional’s field.

Common Terms of Continuing Education

Some of the terminology and acronyms in Continuing educations are:

  • CEUs: Continuing education units, and one unit is equal to 10 credit or contact hours.
  • Credit Hours: Credit hours are also known as contact hours that are regulation of 60 minutes instructions.
  • Webinar: Webinar is the online session or a live seminar that educates mental professionals.
  • Home Study: These are online courses that allow professionals to earn continuing education credits at home.

What if Mental Health Professionals don’t do continuing education?

Mental Health Professionals who don’t meet the requirements of continuing education cannot renew their license. Also, their license gets temporarily revoked.

The easiest way to get Continuing education credits is through online courses and Professional Psych Seminars. Click here to get your course and earn your credits from seminars and online courses.