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Dentures Discomfort And Pain: Here’s What You Can Do

Wearing dentures is often a major milestone that requires some adjustments. Even the best Arlington dental care providers cannot guarantee patients will not experience some level of discomfort when they first start wearing dentures. It is, after all, a foreign object that patients are expected to wear for hours on end.

Despite the worries of some pain and discomfort during the first couple of weeks, eventually, patients get used to wearing the dentures. However, since there will be some possible sores and a period of discomfort, here are a few tips and tricks to soothe the pain:

1 – Use Soothing Creams Or Gels

Ask your Arlington dental care provider for some suggestions concerning over the counter topical creams or gels that are specifically made to soothe the gums. Pain is very common when you get new dentures as your bone and gums often readjust and swell.

Using soothing gels will help numb the pain and lessen the discomfort as your body works to heal itself.

2 – Warm Salt Rinse

The ever-useful and reliable warm salt water rinse can also be helpful when it comes to dealing with painful dentures. Simply remove your dentures, add 1 or ½ teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth for 30 seconds. The salt rinse reduces inflammation and the warm water feels soothing on sore gums.

3 – Gum Massage

It may sound and look weird at first, but massaging your gums is highly beneficial when they are sore from your new dentures. The massaging motions encourage blood flow which leads to faster healing and less irritation. Take a few minutes to gently massage your gums, after a few days the swelling and irritation should not be as bothersome as before.

4 – Give Your Gums A Rest

There is no need to wear dentures while you sleep. This is the perfect time to give your gums a break from the pressure of the dentures. A few hours of not wearing the fake teeth will do wonders to relieve the pain. Sleeping is also the body’s time to heal, without the dentures your mouth can heal faster.

5 – Use Denture Adhesive

The number one cause of pain and soreness are loose dentures. Use enough denture adhesive so that the fake teeth stay in place all day and do not cause more irritation.

6 – Over The Counter Pain Medication

There are some extreme cases where the tips mentioned above are not enough to relieve pain. Ask your dental care provider if you are allowed to take OTC medication to help you get through the pain. Think of this as a last resort and only use the medicine if the pain is too much.

7 – Visit Your Dentist

If the problem persists or none of the tips have provided relief, there might be a bigger underlying problem at hand. Contact the dental clinic and schedule an appointment to see your dentist at once. The sooner the issue is addressed, the sooner your mouth can heal properly and feel better.

For top-notch Arlington dental care, consult Dr. Hossein Ahmadia, DDS and his team at Arlington Advanced Dental Care. Contact us today to set an appointment.