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Can Nicotine filled E-Cigarettes be a Good option for Smokers?

Cigarettes smoking is a form of tobacco consumption which has affected the lives of millions all around the world. About 20% of the world’s population smoke or use tobacco either for recreational purposes or due to their addictiveness. It creates sensations in the body that can be alien and addictive at the same time. They are compounds that contain nicotine and certain harmful elements. 

The use of tobacco in any way is directly proportional to the degradation of health. It deteriorates the efficiency of your lungs, heart, kidney, and causes irreversible cancerous results. 

What is the role of nicotine in this?

Well, cigarettes are all about nicotine addiction. There are different genera of nicotine that are highly addictive. Nicotine is a stimulant alkaloid that affects your neurons and receptors. They are used in tobacco but at the same time, the compound is helpful in the treatment of tobacco disorders. 

Nicotine is not harmful if your dose is calculative but high consumption may lead to its addiction.  In E-cigarettes, these are used as primary compounds that are not toxic enough to cause any death damage to your body. If you have other contagious ingredients of flavors such as Formaldehyde, Propylene Glycerol, and Acrolein, the toxicity hypes with it.


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Is nicotine helpful to reduce addiction?

Scientifically speaking, nicotine itself is addictive but it can help reduce your urge in taking the toxic tobacco. It has an analgesic effect on the users. 

One can take the reference as great example can be found at eNikotin. Ways of using it:

  • The dose should be very little as it may be toxic in higher concentrations.
  • It shouldn’t be taken directly.
  • They help enhance the performance of a person as it has a high binding affinity.
  • People with extra diseases should avoid nicotine in use.
  • It shouldn’t be used in cancer since it increases the growth of cancerous cells.

Tobacco has become a worldwide problem killing almost millions every year and reducing the life rate of an average individual. Addiction cannot be eradicated but can be reduced. Your lungs filter the air you take in but if the lungs become poisonous, it will counteract. Thus, the use of such substance in your habit is very risky and in some cases, life-taking. The option of e-Nicotin is something which every smoker hence, must consider.