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5 Best Toothpaste for Coffee Stains

Nobody likes their tooth to look ugly, whether you call it discoloration or coffee stained teeth. The point we all unite is that “we do not like it” 

To remove those stains we have the best recommended toothpaste around.

What Are Coffee Stains On Teeth?

Coffee is one of the major causes of tooth staining. The reason being that coffee is more frequently consumed than any other drinks.

Although it is a precious drink, overtime it penetrates the enamel and causing it to weaken. Eventually, you end up losing color from white to yellow.

This smooth layer of enamel is not as smooth as it may seem. The more we eat and drink the more our enamel suffers. The enamel cracks and let the coffee to stain the tooth. Source:

Types of Toothpaste for Stained Teeth: 

Different brands offer a different variety of ingredients that serve various purposes. Some cure sensitivity, others get rid of stains from our teeth.

Before selecting a toothpaste you must know what your teeth and gums require. 

  • Whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
  • 3D, Optic White, and “Hollywood White” toothpaste.
  • Whitening formulas and fresh breath.
  • Activated charcoal toothpaste with Xylitol, & Lactobacillus paracasei

Reviewing the best toothpaste for coffee stains

  • Arm And Hammer Advance White Baking Soda Toothpaste In Frosted Mint:

This toothpaste has fluoride protection and provides whitening without peroxide and a fresh finish. It contains baking soda that allows deep cleaning of the teeth. 

It has a strong mint flavor that makes you feel that you have just got back from the dentist.

  • Colgate Total:

Our top recommendation, Colgate total prevents stains, plaque, and gingivitis.

Whitening elements in this toothpaste offer a 12-hour window for germ and stain protection.

  • Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste, Complete Protection, Mint

Colgate sensitive toothpaste is for people with sensitive teeth and gums, it contains a formula for sensitivity relief. The company assures that this formula is clinically proven for 24/7 protection.

It is recommended to brush twice daily as it gets more effective with usage. It provides fresh breath, healthy gums, and cavity protection. It helps fight tartar and plague.

  • Cali White Activated Charcoal And Organic Coconut Oil For Teeth Whitening

It comes with stylish packaging. It is a great toothpaste for stained teeth. With activate charcoal, coconut oil and baking soda for cleaning. 

The whitener in this toothpaste is for a natural white finish, good for sensitive skin. The brand calls this product as “oral detox”.

  • Crest 3D White

Crest 3D white toothpaste ensures that stain is removed by 80%. The toothpaste offers enamel protection for stronger and whiter teeth.

The formula contains fluoride for teeth strength. It’s mint flavor and cavity protection makes it a great choice. Some may not like it’s mint flavor as it is a bit different from the traditional mint flavor


Going through all of the above mentioned toothpaste, our top recommendation is Colgate Total. Its 12 hour protection makes it a great option among the rest.