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What Are The Plantar Warts And How Can You Get Rid Of Them

If you notice something different under your fingers while you wash your feet, something like a thicker skin on the upper part of the feet, or on the heel, maybe you have plantar warts.  This infection is caused by human papillomavirus or the HPV and is the most common skin infection.

Warts look like a circle with a thick layer of the skin and with the little black spots in the middle. The period when skin gets infected to skin lesion can be from a few months to two years. Sometimes, plantar warts can resolve by itself, but usually, this infection needs therapy.

Warts can be very unpleasant

Resolving plantar warts

Since this is not so serious infection in its initial phase, you can try to treat it by using some remedies that you can find in the drugstore.

For pain relief, you can place a doughnut-shaped piece of moleskin. Since wart has firm skin on the top that with pressure can cause pain, you can remove that part of the skin. First, you should soak your foot in the water for 20 minutes. After that, you can easily remove the skin with some kind of abrasive material.

Another way to remove warts is with salicylic acid and is available at the pharmacy in gel, liquid or pad. It is crucial to use it only where the wart is because it can irritate the rest of the skin. It is necessary to use it periodically and it can take some time to remove the wart, depending on its size.

Duct tape is also one of the treatments for warts. The wart is covered with any colour duct tape and is covered for 24 hours. The treatment lasts for six weeks, and the wart is covered 6 days in the week.

Medical approach

The doctors’ specialists for plantar warts removing are podiatrists. He can choose some of the few methods to release your feet from warts.

A common method is to burn warts with acid. It will maybe be necessary to apply the acid several times, but this technique is very successful. Freezing warts with liquid nitrogen is one more option. It will become black and fall off after some time.

Laser therapy is very popular for warts treatment. It is done in specialized clinics where the treatment is done by the podiatrist. This treatment gives great results and plantar warts treatment from ModPod Podiatry can show you these results.

The podiatrist will choose the best treatment for you

If you live in Australia and you are searching for a professional podiatrist, we can recommend you to visit podiatrist Morisset like ModPod Podiatry to get more information and make your appointment with the doctor.

Final word

If you have time and patience to treat your warts at home, try it. If the infection is not severe, you will succeed. But if your infection is quite large and painful, visit your doctor as soon as possible.