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What Are The Best Vitamins & Herbs For Healthy Teeth?

The human tooth is a vital part of any human being as they play a significant role. This, therefore, implies that to get the best results out of them, they deserve enough care and proper hygiene. A part of this care involves feeding on the best vitamins and herbs for durable enamels and gums. Complete Herbal Guide takes you through some of the best herbs and vitamins included in the category of preventative dentistry.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a vitamin that is mostly associated with proper eyesight. However, this vitamin is essential in maintaining a regular supply of saliva in the mouth. The vitamins also help in the maintenance of healthy membranes that coat the dentine gums and cheeks, thus making the two more susceptible to diseases and infections.

The saliva secreted is crucial in washing away bacteria and other solid food particles in the mouth. This vitamin can be obtained from carrots, oranges, and vegetables such as spinach, pepper, and collard greens. Also check– Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C keeps the gum connective tissues healthy. When the teeth lack vitamin C, the teeth supporting tissues become week and loose, and can lead to the bleeding of gums and other gum diseases. Be sure to feed on sweet potatoes, peppers, broccoli, oranges, kales, and berries to get this vital vitamin.

Vitamin B

B vitamins are essential in preventing your mouth from oral inflammations and other oral sores. The sores can cause gum diseases if not treated vitamins are plenty in poultry meat, fish meat vegetables, and dairy products.


Iron is a mineral that helps in boosting the body red blood cells. The red blood cells allow the body immune systems to fight infections and disease, especially dental bacteria and germs.


Mostly found in toothpaste, fluoride is critical in preventing gum and tooth decay, as it aids in the strengthening of the enamel.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D allows us to absorb calcium, which is very crucial in the development of strong bones and teeth. Lack of vitamin D leads to underdeveloped gums and teeth. Vitamin D is found in calcium-rich food like fish and other dairy products. However, the cheapest way of getting the vitamin is by sitting in the sun.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is in charge of preventing periodontal diseases. It works by reducing inflammation in the mouth as well as being an antioxidant. The antioxidant property fights gum tissue oxidation elements in the mouth.

Apart from vitamins, herbs are also important when it comes to oral health. The great herbs included in the category of preventative dentistry include:


Neem sticks are used in keeping the mouth away from bacterial infections. Moreover, neem can reduce plaque and freshening the breath.


This herb heals wounds in the mouth as well as drawing out infections.


Echinacea is a cold-fighting herb that also reduces inflammation as well as boosting the system immune


Are toothaches preventing you from enjoying that yummy meal? Then myrrh is here for you. The herb relieves pain in less than a minute. Additionally, it heals, tightens, and cures bleeding gums.

Other vital herbs include sage, white oak bark, propolis, Oregon grape root, and goldenseal.