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Kit Harington Checks into an Alcohol Rehab After Game of Thrones

Known as Jon Snow the top ranking HBO drama series, Game of Thrones, Kit Harington announced that he checked into alcohol rehab, called Prive Swiss due to exhaustion, stress, and alcohol issues.

While Harington received plenty of support from fans, colleagues, family, and friends, he also encountered a lot of negativity. For weeks of stay at alcohol rehab, he is doing well. But who is Kit Harington? Keep reading for further details.

Born and raised in Acton in the Western part of London, Kit Harington started his acting career while studying at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. Before Game of Thrones, he was part of significant projects. One of his greatest hits was War Horse in 2008.

But GOT gave him international recognition. Other projects include Silent Hill, Doctor Faustus, Pompeii, How to Train Your Dragon, and more. Since then, he has been nominated and won many awards. In 2012, he started dating with his GOT co-star Rose Leslie. Then, they got married in 2018.

Kit Harington’s History of Alcohol Abuse

Although Harington didn’t admit that alcohol addiction was one of the reasons for his trip to an alcohol rehab centre, there have been clear signs. Aside from getting spotted in New York, he was in an intoxicated state at a bar in Paris. Due to his misbehaviour, he was thrown out of the venue.

The Stress of Worldwide Popularity

While being a star in GOT can be a huge blessing, it comes with a big challenge. With celebrities that have been overwhelmed with stardom, Harington is one. When he started catching the interest of the media, he said that the situation was intense and stressful.

Since GOT, he began undergoing therapy because he was concerned about his future according to reports. But the last season seriously affected him.

Reasons why Harington needed Alcohol Rehab

The most common reason is the stress of being a celebrity. More than that, stars who have worked on a long project find themselves lost after its final season. Just like with GOT that ran for 8 seasons, most of the cast members felt like they lost their family and a part of themselves.

Kit Harington is not the single actor that has been through the same situation and sought alcohol rehab. Harry Potter main actor, Daniel Radcliffe, experienced the same thing.

During the last days of shooting, Harington was distressed. He was hyperventilating most of the time. He had even a breakdown while filming the final scenes according to reports.

Road to Alcohol Rehab

In the beginning, Kit Harington understood his situation. Before checking into alcohol rehab, he had quit drinking. Since May, he has been at Prive Swiss. While the treatment programs last from 4 to 6 weeks, it’s still unclear how long his alcohol treatment will last.

The luxury rehab comes with a costly price-tag. Approximately £100,000 per month. Aside from cognitive therapy, he receives complementary therapies, including massage, yoga, and acupuncture.

Given that he has been undergoing a decent treatment, we hope that there will be more updates from his family soon. It also appears that he is handling his issues well.