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Fool Urine Drug Test

Drug use, or more precisely, drug abuse is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems of today’s civilization. Those who use them can suffer both physically and mentally, but also emotionally and socially. Doing drugs harm every aspect of the user’s life.

Some substances that are considered illegal have proven healing properties. At the top of this list are marijuana and cannabis, which benefits for health are confirmed in numerous researches. It’s easy to get them, they are effective, and they do not have any harmful effects if patients use these according to the instructions. Occasional use doesn’t make them addicts but can cause them some troubles.

Why Employers Insist on Drug Tests?

Frequent drug use causes changes in appearance and behavior that affect overall social relationships, as well as working performance and results. And companies just want to protect their business and interest. Workers using drugs are a potential danger both for themselves and for their employer. But they also learn the tricks on how to get a negative drug test result, and keep their workplace safe.

Specific legal regulations allow companies to test their employees. Some do it, some do not. However, in some situations, drug testing is mandatory – when it comes to high responsibility and risk jobs, when a workplace accident occurs, or when the employer has a reasonable suspicion that the worker is doing drugs.

Companies are also entitled to random testing, but it is often the case that they perform drug test only when necessary. This kind of examination costs a lot and often is futile. Also, workers may call on endangering their rights and freedoms, which may affect the employer’s reputation.

Prepare for Urine Drug Test after Smoking

How your preparation for a drug test will look, depends mostly on how often you consume drugs. Another critical factor is the type of test you will be subjected to. Occasional smokers can be sure that the test result will be negative (if they use several methods for the organism cleansing), even if the test is announced for the next day. On the other hand, you realize that it will be difficult to cheat a drug test if you are a heavy user. But it is not impossible.

There are many ways to get harmful substances out of the body. Refraining from consuming drugs is necessary, a least until you finish with the test. On the market, you can find many drinks and preparations that are intended for detoxification of the organism, and you can also use natural ingredients.

In heavy smokers, removing the drug metabolite from the body will be a bit harder, and it will take longer. That’s why people come up with many ‘creative’ ways on how to cheat the drug test. Only sustaining won’t help them clean the organism, at least not for a short time. So you have to clean only the sample; in this case, urine.

Do You Have Time for Cleansing?

Some drugs can stay up to 30 days in your organism, but it takes just 3 or 4 days until they disappear from urine. As more time passes from consuming the drugs to the test, the higher chance is for successful cleansing. But don’t lose hope even if your employer surprised you with a drug test scheduled in the 24 hours.

If you are expecting a drug test in the next couple of days, the first solution is detox drinks. Some preparations are intended for cleansing the organism, or for stimulating the secretion of harmful metabolites from the body.

Specific detox mixtures are also the first choice in the ’emergency’ case when the test is announced tomorrow. Their ingredients dilute the urine sample and camouflage drug metabolites. For the best effect, drink these right before you undergo testing.

In online stores, you can find various detox kits, which contain a home test. If you follow the instructions in these kits, after a few days, the test should show a negative result. You’re ready to do the official drug test.

Be Careful with Urine Sample

With all of these methods, it is essential to note that a high intake of fluids is of great importance. Every time you pee or sweat, you’ll eliminate some part of the toxins. However, you should be cautious, because too much liquid can dilute the urine sample (always provide a mid-stream).

The drug will not be detected, but lab technicians can reject the specimen as inappropriate. This is equally suspicious as a positive test result. Supplements such as creatinine and vitamin B can help maintain the characteristics of the urine. On this page, find the explanation of the composition of urine.

‘Creative’ Ways for Passing the Test

If your home drug test shows that you still have drug metabolites in the body, there is nothing left for you to do but think of another way to fool the test. The synthetic urine is the first solution, and it is always good to have it, just in case. You can find it online or in stores. Make a sample at home and check it with some of your home drug tests.

Another possibility is to ask someone clean to ‘lend’ you a sample of urine, but this is only feasible if you have the options of sampling at home. But employers prefer sampling at the spot, so don’t rely on this option.

How to Bring the Sample in?

Lab technicians usually don’t monitor sampling, so you can enter your clean sample and transfuse it to the sampling cup. You can use special pouches with a heating pad that maintains the optimum sample temperature (if the temperature varies from the optimum, the specimen is not valid).

Or, you can use a belt. Synthetic urine belt is a system of tubes and a small reservoir where you put false pee. The sample is given directly from this small pipe, simulating urination. Try this belt several times before you go testing, in order to get it all right.