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Common Sources Your Pet Can Get Fleas or Ticks

Most of the time you will experience that fleas are the common types of pest. But as an interesting fact, there are about 2000 species of fleas which are present throughout the world. The fleas are responsible for various skin problems in your pets that can grow other diseases if neglected.

Now the major question is, how the fleas reach your dog where they start producing larva that becomes the reason for many other problems.

In-House Reasons:  There first reasons for fleas attack come from in-house places where you have an unhygienic environment. In many houses, a hole for wild rate is present that is one common source to bring the fleas inside your home and introduce it with the pets. Alongside human beings are also responsible to bring the fleas, but not a major source. In some cases, the fleas stick to their clothes that enter your home and start targeting the pets.

From Dog Facilities: Another big reason for fleas attack comes from the dog facilities. Grooming is important along with regular cleaning of pet’s house. But when such things are neglected, an unhygienic environment is developed that gives birth to such pests. The most common source of fleas in the pet’s facility includes its bedding and toys, which is neglected most of the time.

From Outdoors: Now this is the main reason why your dog gets affected by the pets. Even the in-house pests are the result of outdoor reasons what reach your home and target your pets. In your outdoor, there are places like garden, your backyard, or your garage where it’s more common to have negligence towards cleanliness; there is a high probability of getting affected with pests.

These are three major sources for fleas that your pet can get. Now here are the problems that your pet can get because of the fleas.

  • Hot Spots: Constant scratching of the skin creates a hot spot. It is common for every pet that is affected by any skin problem that basically starts from itching and irritation.
  • Tapeworms: When your pet accidentally intake the fleas, it gives birth to tapeworm in your pets. The tapeworms live within the pet’s intestine and consume the nutrients from the pet’s body.
  • Anaemia: Anaemia is another problem which starts when the fleas continue sucking the blood from your pet’s body. It is one of the critical diseases that even cause death in many cases.
  • Bartonella Infection: Bartonella genus is a parasite that is transferred from the pet’s body through a flea bite. There are multiple symptoms that can help you diagnose this problem. But it is an uncommon problem as it affects only in some parts of the world.

There are different medicines that can be given to your dog and treat the fleas’ problem. But regular grooming is also important if you want to omit the root causes of these pests.

When your pet is diagnosed with this disease and medical treatment is required, you can visit the Total Pet Supply that gives you entire pet medicines at a discount level. But make sure you always consult your vet doctor ahead of taking any medicine.